Guidelines To Post a Comment on Science Fair Blog

Acceptable Guest Posting on Our Site

The Purpose of this Blog
The Super Science Fair Projects Blog is designed for kids to have their questions answered about science fairs or to obtain valuable information for their experiment.

It is also here for parents and teachers to have their questions answered and to help students with their questions.

What the Poster Must Do
If you are looking to post a comment and not have your comment deleted and marked as spam, then you must add value to the content.

What the Poster Must Not Do
THIS DOES NOT MEAN that you tell us that you like the logo, the design of the blog, asking to copy all or part of the posts that we put on the blog, tell us how much you like our writing or the blog. These are worthless and empty comments and add no value.

We check every single site that is in the link to make sure that your site is safe for kids. That means that we do not allow any adult rated, dating sites, firearms or medical advice.

Don’t waste your time and money posting unless you meet the above qualifications.

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