Guinea Pig Science Fair Projects

Guinea Pig Science Fair Projects

Discover guinea pig science fair projects and experiments using smell, memory and sight.

Grade 4

Can a Guinea Pig be trained to follow a path by sight, memory or smell? (Skylar wrote this as a hypothesis, but it really is The Big Question.)

Guinea pig

I started out by constructing a maze big enough for my guinea pig to fit through. Then I made a trail through the maze with tape (sight) and then rubbed it with orange (smell). I put a carrot at the end of the trail.

I began regular training sessions and kept track of the results.

When he had learned how to follow the trail I took away the orange scent trail. He had no problem finding the carrot.

Then I took the tape away. He still had no problem.

Then I moved the carrot and created a new tape trail but no orange scent. He looked at the tape and seemed confused but went back to the old trail.

He did eventually find the carrot.

Here is another animal behavior science fair project.

I bet that you can think of some other guinea pig science fair projects that you can implement for your science fair. If you do, input them in the comments section below

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