Holiday Chemistry Science Experiments

Holiday Chemistry Science Fair Project Ideas

Now is a great time to conduct holiday chemistry science fair projects experiments as ingredients are on sale for the holiday cooking season.

Use boiling “pearl” onions from the grocery store for root squash. (Onion root squash can be optional). Compare and contrast animal and plant mitosis.

Make a Christmas tree preservative. Make two different kinds and determine which one works the best.

Grow a snowflake ornament.

Tonic water will glow under a blacklight. The quinine in the tonic water glows a very cool looking blue color. If you’re not crazy about the taste of tonic water, try making ice cubes using the tonic water and then add them to a glass of light colored citrus drink. Switch on the blacklight and you have the perfect Halloween beverage. After a few minutes the entire drink will start to glow. It works for making glowing Jello too. To do a science fair project, see which type of drink will produce the longest glow.

For a holiday chemistry Easter experiment, put an egg in a glass bowl. Fill it with vinegar. Watch and see what happens.

Here are more holiday chemistry science fair project ideas.

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