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As rising prices of commodities, utilities and general maintenance keeps hitting home owners hard, everyone is on the lookout for ways to make living cheaper. However, there isn’t any point in a cheaper lifestyle if you have to curtail things you enjoy. You shouldn’t have to stop watching television or quit using the oven range or stop maintaining your garden just because things are getting expensive.

What you can do, with a bit of time, money and effort, is make your home more environment friendly and, therefore, cheaper to live in on the whole. Here’s a look at some simple things that make your home a much better place to live in.

Seal Your Home

Spend a little extra time working on your home’s insulation. If you plug in all the wholes and stem the leaks, you will find that your air conditioners and heating systems need to work a lot lesser throughout their respective seasons. It may seem like too much work and if you have a large house, it may also seem quite expensive. However, hiring a professional to do the job may be a lot cheaper than the money you will spend on those inflated electricity bills.

Low on Flow

These days, you get these amazing low-flow faucets and shower heads that allow lesser water to flow through without easing up on the water pressure. They are almost as cheap as regular fixtures and you can fit them in yourself, without professional help. What more do you need?

Grow your Own Stuff

Who says that the kitchen garden should only be used for herbs and basic veggies? What’s holding you back from growing your own food? Gather all the info you need and start off. If you aren’t confident, get a professional to guide you through your initial days. Convert your garden into something more than just a lawn – make it contribute to your home!

Solar Power

This is probably the most expensive installation of all as well as the most complicated, but the savings you get once they are in place – unmatchable. Baring maintenance and a bit of tinkering every now and then, you have no more expenses on electric power – for life! Yes, installation requires a roof with unobstructed sunlight but if you have all that, you are set for good. Also, prefab homes can be ordered to already accommodate for solar panels in their design – isn’t that some added incentive to get one?

Grow a Garden

Finally, you can create a beautiful home with a beautiful garden around it. Not only does it guarantee that your home will look exceptional, it will also provide some much need shade and cooling effect on the entire home. In winters, your trees will block cold winds, lowering your heating costs by as much as 20%. Add to that the fact that song birds come and nestle on them, and you have a winning combination.

It doesn’t take much to do your bit for nature and if you are taking some small steps at your end, your home will repay you with a cheaper cost of living in it. If you are willing to put in the effort, then just take stock and list your priorities before undertaking your green home project!

KALPESH “Kal” DHARIWAL – author – Kalpesh is a civil engineer, by profession, in Queensland (QLD) but his interest in homes and new technologies has moved him into the housing sector. Combining his knowledge of civil construction techniques and his love for home-based technology, Kalpesh has been extremely instrumental in charting out some excellent ways to innovate home construction, thereby reducing construction costs and the environmental impact. He promotes green living and prefab homes in QLD in a bid to improve the way humans live on this planet!

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