Hosting a Science Themed Birthday Party

Fun Science Birthday Party

If your child considers himself or herself a true science buff, then what better theme is there to use for his or her birthday party? Throwing a science themed birthday party is a great way to create an educational experience for children while allowing them to have fun at the same time. Here are some ideas to help you host an unforgettable science themed birthday party:

Get Creative with the Costumes

Complete the look and feel of the science themed birthday party by providing costumes for the kids. On the invites, ask the boys to come in collared shirts and provide cute and colourful bow ties for them to wear during the party. The reason that scientists wear bow ties instead of neck ties is so their ties don’t find themselves dipping into Petri dishes, getting nibbled by lab rats, or catching a flame from a Bunsen burner. For the little girls, you can provide white lab coats for them to wear during the party.

Choose the Right Decors

A successful theme party is determined by the tiny details that truly bring out the theme and make it come forth for the guests to be transported into another world. Stretch your imagination when it comes to the party decors. For instance, pick a science-themed piñata. If you can’t find one at the store, there are places that offer customized party decors. Some suggestions for piñata designs include a microscope, a test tube, a light bulb or a beaker.

The invitations can also reflect the science theme by using paintbrushes dipped in milk to write out the party details on white paper. Indicate in visible ink how to decipher the message (heating the paper over a candle). Be sure to emphasize parental supervision to avoid any accidents.

Fire up the Food and Favors

Make the eating experience an unforgettable one by laying out sandwiches and providing a variety of beverage mixes of different colors that the children can experiment with and create personalized combinations of. They are sure to spend more than a few minutes at the food table having fun with this. You can also order an erupting volcano cake at a bakery that offers personalized cake designs for when it’s time to blow out the candles.

Party favors can include throwing in magnifying glasses, magnets, gel pens and notebooks in an environment-friendly bag for the kids to take home and enjoy.

Get Giddy with the Games

Fingerprint Lift – the kids will surely get a kick out of lifting their own fingerprints and examining them with this game. For this game, you will need a pocket mirror for each child that will be participating in the game. Instruct them to press their fingertips against the surface of the mirror. Then they will need to brush the print with graphite dust. Graphite dust can be created by rubbing a pencil with sandpaper and collecting the dust that is produced. Afterwards, they will need to apply a strip of tape to the print and gently peel it off. Stick the tape to a piece of white paper and the print should appear clearly.

What am I? – This is the classic party game with a scientific twist. Depending on the age of the guests, choose science-related words and write them down on strips of cardboard paper. Tape a different word on each guest’s back without allowing them to read the word. Their goal is to guess the word that has been assigned to them by asking the other guests questions that can be answered with a yes or a no. The first person to guess their word correctly wins the game.

These are some among the countless ideas that you can use to throw a brilliant science themed birthday party. Be sure to ask your child about any ideas he or she might have. You can also him or her to weigh on in some of the decisions you will be making because after all, it is your child’s birthday that you will be celebrating.

Here are some ideas for favors to give the kids so they can take their science fun home…

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