How to Make an Anti-Acne Soap Science Fair Project

How to Make an Anti-Acne Soap Science Fair Project

The objective of the Anti-Acne Soap Science Fair Project is to prepare an anti-acne soap for my own use in order to solve skin dermatological problems.

Achim Gabriel Vlad
Grade 11

Using researcher tools, I found that are some Essential Oils with remarkable medical results.

Lemon Essential Oil – widely used in skin care to cleanse skin and reduce wrinkles and combat acne. Lemon has shown to have antidepressant effects in research done by Komori in 1995.

    Medical Properties: Antitumoral, antiseptic, improves microcirculation and immune stimulant (increases white blood cells), improves memory, relaxation.

Melrose – a blend of essential oils with powerful cleansing properties that supports the appearance of skin.

    Ingredients: Melaleuca alternifolia (Melaleuca), Melaleuca quinquenervia (Naouli), Rosmarinus officinalis (Rosemary), and Syzygium aromaticum (Clove)
    Medical Properties: Melaleuca alternifolia Essential Oil (Tea Tree Oil) has cleansing properties and supports healthy skin by refreshing and comforting.

Melaleuca quinquenervia (MQV, Nerolina or Naouli Oil) – a cousin to Tea Tree Oil but this has a more delicate aroma and is said to be gentler. I often use this oil over melaleuca alternifolia for the animals as they seem to prefer it.

Rosemary Esential Oil (Rosmarinus officinalis CT cineol) – was one of the most broadly used plants throughout the ages. Supports a healthy lifestyle regimen and overall well-being*. Rosemary includes the naturally occurring constituent’s eucalyptol and alpha-pinene.

Clove Essential Oil (Syzygium aromaticum) – promotes a healthy immune response, and may support overall wellness. An important ingredient in Young Living’s Thieves blend, its principal constituent is eugenol.

Tea Tree Essential Oil – is found in many skin care and spa products that can improve the appearance of our skin.
Medical Properties: Powerful antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, antiparasitic, anti-inflammatory action.

Eucalyptus Radiata
Medical Properties: Antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory.
Producing a silky smooth, invigorating and wonderfully rich and creamy skin that is immune-boosting, antibacterial and anti-fungal.

And here Tea Tree meets Turmeric – used for over two thousand years in India, the health benefits of Turmeric’s anti-inflammatory properties are too many to list.

Skin Care – Turmeric helps keep your skin healthy in many ways.

  • It keeps pimples at bay by inhibiting the growth of pimple-causing bacteria and reducing the oil secretion by the sebaceous glands.
  • The constant use of turmeric clears acne scars, which makes your skin flawless and glowing.
  • It’s antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties accelerate the healing of a cut and soothe skin irritation.
  • Curcumin present in turmeric is an antioxidant that fights signs of aging like wrinkles and pigmentation by curbing the growth of free radicals.
Rich in Antioxidants – Curcumin present in turmeric is a great antioxidant agent that helps in numerous ways including its many cosmetic and medicinal benefits. A study conducted by researchers of the University of Edinburgh, published in the Antioxidants & Redox Signaling journal, highlights the potent antioxidant and oxygen radical scavenging activity of curcumin.

Materials and Apparatus
400 g glycerin base
24 drops of Tea Tree essential oil
12 drops of Melrose essential oil
12 drops of Eucalyptus radiata essential oil
12 drops of Lemon essential oil
1 tea spoon of Turmeric powder
2 tea spoons of honey
1 empty sauce pan (melt the glycerin in)
1 sauce pan with water (will take the water to boil point and above this pan will put the empty one)
1 spatula
1 small bowl (to mix the honey and turmeric in)
1 tea spoon
A cooker to heat the water

Step 1: The water is put to boil. The Bain Marie method is used to melt the glycerin.
Step 2: Glycerin is cut in small pieces.
Step 3: Glycerin is put to melt.
Step 4: While glycerin is melting, the mixture of honey and turmeric powder is prepared.
Step 5: An exact number of drops of essential oils is prepared.
Step 6: All materials of the product are put together: melted glycerin, essential oils, turmeric and honey.
Step 7: The soap is put in a muffin tray to cool down.

Data / Results / Observations
This experiment is useful in order to prepare products for special needs. In this case the need is medical/ dermatological. I choose a glycerin base soap for safety reasons and also for healthy reason.

Is known that sodium hydroxide is corrosive and only adults are allowed to use it. It’s very dangerous if inhaled or touches the skin and mucosae.

Glycerin, on the other hand, can help lock in your skin’s natural moisture and prevent over-drying.

This may be especially beneficial if one experience drying conditions like
dermatitis (eczema)
dry skin

At the same time, glycerin is not greasy. This means it’s a good choice for anyone with oily or combination skin.

Glycerin may also have anti-aging benefits. According to a mice study reported in Science Daily, the ingredient can help even out your skin tone and texture. This may reduce the appearance of fine lines and other surface blemishes.

Glycerin is thought to be a humectant, which means that it can attract moisture. Due to this quality, glycerin soaps attract moisture to your skin and keep it locked in. This provides your skin constant hydration. Unlike some soaps that dry your skin out and make it feel tight and even flaky, glycerin soap keeps your skin feeling more hydrated for several hours after you use it. Using glycerin soap on a regular basis can help your skin become softer and suppler.

By using essential oils and honey and turmeric on glycerin base the purpose was to avoid drying the skin, to eliminate fungus, bacteria and provide a good cleansing properties product and also clears acne scars, making the skin flawless and glowing.

Analysis / Calculations
Considering the fact that this product contains only natural material as glycerin, turmeric powder, honey and Essential Oils (which are quite expensive, a medium price is in 25$ a 5ml bottle) and that from the quantities put in results almost 10 pieces of soap, it can be considered an expensive product.

On the other hand, the beneficial might worth the expense if the results meet the premises.

The objective was to prepare an anti-acne soap. By combining the previous ingredients that are proven to gave results in skin problems I consider that are premises that this product might be a good one. Considering the fact that it can be used after a month of drying, the effective result might take a little longer than I expected.

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