Intel’s Education Initiative: Investing $100 million

Intel's Education Initiative

Today students need every advantage that we can offer them. As educators, we are aware that providing the resources that our students need to excel in the world is not always easy because of budget deficits. However, there are companies that are trying to lend a helping hand to schools, students, universities, teachers and communities. Today I would like to highlight one of these companies so that educators know where they can turn to for grants, technology programs, training and other resources.

Intel’s Education Initiative is a technology corporation that has implemented what they call an Intel Education Initiative. This initiative invests over $100 million a year in educators, students, and communities. They offer several programs that you, your school, your students and your community can benefit from. Educators will be interested in the teachers’ training program as well as the Intel School of Distinction program. If you are looking for ways to inspire your students to reach higher science achievements, then consider entering them in the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair or the Intel Science Talent Search, which is included in Intel’s Education Initiative.

While Intel’s investment is generous, it is not a purely philanthropic gesture. While your students may benefit greatly from their grant money and scholarships, Intel also can benefit from the discoveries, developments and insights created by your school and your students. This is just one of the many mutually beneficial relationships that your school can develop with top industry organizations.

Giving your students a competitive edge is challenging to do, but not impossible. However, you will need to learn where to turn to for resources, training and inspiration for your school science fair projects.

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