Is Global Warming Really Happening?

Newsweek this past month asked the question as to “Why scientists are losing the PR wars” because millions of Americans have changed their mind about global warming and decided it isn’t happening.

The question comes to mind as to why Americans do not trust or value scientist’s findings.

How can anyone disregard human activities such as burning coal and oil, climate change studies or the continuous equations in circulation models? How come so much denial? Is that adults don’t want to be bothered or take responsibility for change?

Newsweek claims that all this is happening because scientists are “lousy communicators”. I find that an excuse for taking responsibility for our actions.

When my grandson was 3 yrs old he started blaming his younger brother for something and pointed his finger at him. I said to him, “Jimmy, when you blame someone else and point your finger at them you are pointing 3 fingers at yourself. So you need to take responsibility for hitting your brother, no matter what he did.”

Jimmy looked at his hand, counted his fingers that were pointing at himself, went over and kissed his brother and said he was sorry! If a 3-yr old can get it, what’s up with adults!!!!

On the other hand, scientists need to be forthcoming and truthful about their findings. We are getting mixed messages and it is hard to sort out truth from fiction.

What’s your take on this? Weigh in with your opinion. Also, tell us what you are doing, if anything, to help reduce your carbon footprint.