Kaboom Science Fair Project

Kaboom Science Fair Project

I did the kaboom science fair project because I wanted to know how water flows into water. So I did this experiment. I did not come up with the experiment there is a science kit and there was the experiment in that science kit.

6th Grade
Dublin, OH


Hot water will explode when put into cold water.


1 small container, 1 big container that the small one fits in, food coloring, water


First you get the big container and fill it with cold water. Then you fill the small container with hot water, after you put food color in the small container, then you put the small container it to the big container slowly, then take the small container out and look at the big container and it will have color and you even did not put color in it.


My hypothesis was wrong the hot water did not explode in to the cold water. The hot water color went it to the cold water. So it looked like a underwater volcano.

What I would to do different

I would do another kind of kaboom science fair project that was better and also what I would do different is put some different color in the big container.

Here is an interesting water turbine science fair project abstract that was done by a group of students.

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