What kind of energy does a wind turbine produce?

What kind of energy does a windmill produce?

What kind of energy does a wind turbine produce?

When you are working on a windmill science fair project you need to be familiar with two types of energy, mechanical and electrical energy. Each type of energy is produced by different processes. While each energy type is unique, they are also connected.

Mechanical Energy

The first type of energy that is produced by a windmill is mechanical energy. Mechanical energy can be defined as energy in motion or stored energy. Energy in motion is referred to as kinetic energy and stored energy is referred to as potential energy. A windmill generates mechanical energy by using wind energy to turn blades on the windmill. This motion can be used to do work such as turn a grinding wheel or to draw water up from a well. This simple way to produce free mechanical energy has been used by humans for centuries.

Electrical Energy

Electrical energy is produced by creating a moving electric charge. This moving electrical charge is created by using the mechanical energy produced by the windmill to move a magnet around a coil of wires. The windmill turbine is where the electrical energy is produced.

Using Windmill Energy

In order to use windmill energy a transformer is needed to collect and to convert the electrical current into something usable. This enables wind energy to be transformed into the right type of electrical current to power homes and cities. Students can also use this energy to power their science fair projects.

Windmill Science Fair Projects

In order to utilize a windmill in a science fair project students need to understand how to manipulate the energy that is produced by the windmill. This manipulation can be accomplished through the modification of the design of the windmill or through the exposure of the wind turbine to different wind velocities. It can also be manipulated through the introduction of resistors and insulators.

A lot of fun science fair projects can be created using windmill generators. Students can focus their projects on the efficiency of windmill designs, on the design of the turbine or it can even focus on the use of wind turbines to power specific things, i.e. television, computer, house or city. To improve your chances of winning with a windmill science fair project it will be essential to make the project unique or socially valuable. This means that students will need to come up with a unique or advanced project concept. Look here to begin…

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