Learn How To Control Your Emotions Easily

Learn How To Control Your Emotions Easily

Many people don’t realize that any and all emotions we experience come from one of two places: love and fear. From love and fear, which are the basic emotions of anybody and anything, many other emotions manifest themselves such as anger, resentment, joy, lust, depression, jealousy, unworthiness, happiness, blissfulness and stress. You can take any emotion you feel right now, yesterday or tomorrow and connect it to love or fear. In the same way, based on whether you are experiencing feelings of love or fear, you can find a way to control or mold them into something productive.

If you spend all of your energy trying to “control” your emotions, you may feel like it is an impossible task for the long haul. That’s because it really is. You can’t control your emotions because you have an innate response to anything and everything that happens to you. Since you can’t control what people say or do, you can’t totally control your impulses and feelings to them but you can learn ways to retrain your mind and manipulate your responses overall. Most encouragingly, you can find a way to bring peace to your life no matter what unpleasant feelings you may be experiencing.

; is a great way to explore your fear based feelings. Often times, we don’t shy away from feelings generated from love such as kindness, joy, happiness or feeling at ease with our life. We do however, shy away from feeling anger towards our partner, jelousy towards our co-worker who got the promotion we applied to and feeling that we are simply “not good enough” to have this or that. The reality is, we simply don’t get everything we want in life, but for those things that we really desire, we can use our mind to make them possible. Visualization is one of the most powerful tools we have at our disposal yet many of us don’t utilize what’s right before our eyes. You can take any situation that is unpleasant, such as a relationship you’re not getting pleasure from, a career that’s not going anywhere or the opportunity to finally lose weight as you have always wanted and change your reality.

By applying some simple rules for visualization, you have the power to create the life you have always wanted.  For example, if you have a “dead end job” that is not giving you the personal and professional satisfaction that you need, spend some time imagining what that ideal job is like. As if playing a movie of your life in your head, picture what position of power you are in. Are you the CEO or editor-in-chief for a magazine? Do you have a beautiful and spacious office with a view of the city below? Are you responsible for a team of 10 employees instead of being ordered around by a micro-managing boss? Whatever you want for yourself, imagine it in your mind with every little detail you can think of. Imagine it not only to your heart’s content but as if it is already happening. When you mind begins receiving messages of “I am” instead of “I wish for” you are changing your subconscious mind’s messages which will then be released into the universe. By doing so, you are also training your conscious mind and literally convincing yourself that what you want has already come true. You begin to take chances on opportunities that before you would have passed up due to lack of confidence, etc.

The more you train your mind to believe, the more likely you will see the results in your life. If you dream of a certain type of partner to be in a long term relationship with, tell yourself what you are manifesting and replace those negative thoughts of “that will never happen for me” with constructive, self-affirming thoughts like “I am in a loving relationship”. Focus on the life you want for yourself and the actual thing will follow. Although it sounds like magic, it doesn’t instantly appear. It takes believing in yourself, hard work and the ability to work out the things that are most important in your life and for your life. Examine who you are and the rest will follow.

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