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Levenhuk Strike 50 NG Telescope Kids & Beginners

Levenhuk Strike 50 NG Telescope Kids & Beginners

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Features & Benefits of the Levenhuk Strike 50 NG Telescope
* Achromatic refractor
* Objective lens diameter: 50 mm
* Focal length: 600 mm
* Comes in a kit

  • Levenhuk Strike 50 NG is an awesome telescope for kids, perfect for observations of constellations, lunar craters, sunspots, atmospheric flows of Jupiter and its four largest moons, phases of Venus, rings of Saturn, and binary stars with a separation of 2.5 arc seconds between their components. You get straight from the box!

  • The entry model of the Strike NG series was designed as a telescope for children and teenagers. It is also excellent for amateur astronomers.

  • This kit is a great way to study and practice astronomy, learn how to locate constellations, and observe the planets of the Solar System. This makes Levenhuk Strike 50 NG one of the best kids’ telescopes.

  • The altazimuth mount (a simple two-axis mount for supporting and rotating an instrument about two perpendicular axes – one vertical and the other horizontal) is easy to set up; and the optics included in the kit provide the highest practical power of 200x, allowing both astronomical and terrestrial observations.

  • Levenhuk Strike NG Telescope is a wise choice for those who don't want to spend time assembling and adjusting a telescope, or browsing through an expansive list of accessories. Apart from the telescope itself, you also get the optics for astronomical and terrestrial observations, and informative astronomy handbooks for both amateurs and more advanced users. All this makes the Levenhuk Strike NG Telescope an ideal choice for any beginning astronomer interested in science.

  • The kit includes everything you will need to make your observations fascinating and captivating. The informative handbooks and advanced software allow even a beginner to find the desired object in the night sky. This amazing telescope comes in a colorful box, and would make a perfect gift for any aspiring astronomer, who would cherish it for many years to come.

  • The Levenhuk Strike NG Telescope kit is far more advanced than you would expect.


Included in the Kit

  • Levenhuk Strike NG Telescope on a Yoke mount
  • Stainless steel tripod
  • 0.965" plastic focuser
  • Two 0.965" eyepieces: F20 mm, F6 mm
  • 3x Barlow lens
  • 3x20 finder scope
  • Diagonal mirror
  • "See it all!" Astronomer's Handbook with descriptions of 280 celestial objects
  • Space Posters Set (Moon, Sun and Other Stars, Solar System)
  • Planisphere
  • Stellarium software CD to assist you during your astronomical observations
  • Compass
  • User manual and lifetime warranty

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Weight 7.9 lbs
Dimensions 32.3 x 13.8 x 6.3 in

Additional Information

Included in the Kit

image of Levenhuk Book: See It All 1. "See it all!" Astronomer's Handbook
This practical handbook will help any amateur plan and then enjoy stargazing. Written by a renowned expert, Alexander Shimbalev, it guides you through your first steps on the road to amazing discoveries. The book includes a number of star charts, listing the most interesting celestial objects. Commentaries help you orient yourself to the observation object and set up the telescope properly. Large-format prints showing the constellations and objects give you a preview of what the object should look like during your observations. This book takes you on a journey through the celestial sphere, where you will learn about 280 celestial objects and how to quickly locate them in the night sky, study the lunar surface, and observe the planets of the Solar System.
image of Stellarium 2. Stellarium is 3D planetarium software that allows you to see everything you can observe through a medium- or even high-powered telescope, including over 600,000 stars, planets of the Solar System, the Moon, nebulae and Milky Way galaxy. This software is capable of recreating a realistic sky in real time, providing you with panoramic views and allowing you to observe sunsets and sunrises, eclipses and comets without leaving your home. Now you can observe the sky even when it is raining cats and dogs outside.
image of Levenhuk Posters 3. Space Posters Set (Moon, Sun and Other Stars, Solar System).
Three posters showing the cosmos as we know it. Each poster presents interesting information on various celestial objects in an easy-to-read format. The posters are 84x60 cm (33x24 in), printed on glossy coated paper.Moon Poster. You will find out about the history of lunar exploration, learn all the characteristics of the Earth's satellite, and find answers to many questions that interest mankind, including the nature of dark spots on the lunar surface.Sun and Other Stars Poster. This poster shows you that even though the Sun provides heat and light for the planets in the Solar System, it is still far from being a cosmic giant, as there are stars hundreds and even thousands times larger than the Sun. The poster includes the main characteristics of the stars, such as their physical properties and their history.

Solar System Poster. You will learn a number of interesting facts on the planets of the Solar System, including their composition, physical characteristics and age. Some descriptions contain predictions on the future of discussed planets, which make this poster a ticket on a journey in space and time through the Solar System.

image of Planisphere 4. Planisphere.
This is a rotating star chart that helps you quickly and easily determine what celestial objects may be observed at a given date and time. It allows you to locate specific constellations or other objects at certain latitudes for your planned observations. The planisphere is very easy to use: all you do is align the date on the star chart with a time on the viewer, and you will get an exact representation of the night sky. It is very reliable and will serve you for many years to come.
image of Levenhuk Compass 5. Compass.
People often forget how useful a compass can be during observations. Quickly orienting yourself in an unfamiliar place and determining where north is can be very easy with this compact compass. Easily locating the North Pole, Polaris and the Big Dipper will allow you to quickly begin your observations.
Shipping Weight 7.9 lbs
Shipping Box Dimensions 32.3 x 13.8 x 6.3 in


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