Longitudinal science fair projects for high school students…

Longitudinal science fair projects for high school students...

If you want to make a superior showing at your high school science fair, then consider planning out a longitudinal study during your high school career. This project will begin in your Freshman year and it will conclude in your senior year of high school. These projects will demonstrate to science fair judges and to college admission boards, that you have what it takes to succeed in a science degree program.

The first step in planning out one of these long term science fair projects is to figure out what type of project to work on. Microbiology science fair projects and medical science fair projects are both great options for longitudinal studies. However, sociology and psychology studies also will work. The key to selecting a project type is finding a topic that can be studied over time and that you can reasonably predict a change in results over time.

The next step is to conduct your background research. This research will need to be done each year when you begin your science fair project. Any new information will be used to update your report and to deepen your understanding of your topic. You can then use this information to set up both your hypothesis and your experiment.

The final step is to collect and analyze your data. This will need to be done every year at about the same time of the year. You will need to talk about how the data trends evolve over time, and you will also need to compare the results that you got this year to the results that you got in previous years and to the baseline results you collected before you started the experiment.

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