How to Measure Sugar Concentration in Juice

How to Measure Sugar in Juice

Question: How would I measure sugar concentration in apple juice in different brands of apple juice.

Answer: According to the wine the refractometer is a device in which the juice from a wine grape is squeezed into and then provides a sugar reading of the juice content.

Another method, according to the wine doctor, is to use a hydrometer. The hydrometer is placed in the juice. The denser the juice, the higher the hydrometer floats; on the side of the stem is a scale, which allows the you to do a reading.

2 thoughts on “How to Measure Sugar Concentration in Juice

  1. Nez Du Cafe says:

    Are both devices useful for taking readings of sugar in all juice? Can this device measure any other ingredients besides sugar in juice?

  2. David@Online Chemistry Tutorials says:

    My family has a smaler vineyard so I happen to have few different hydrometers. The procedure is the same as mentioned in the case of refractometer. You just squeeze the juice of any kind of fruit and dip in the hydrometer. When it stops floating up and down, you just read the concentration of the sugar from the hydrometers scale.

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