Meteor Impact Abstract

Meteor Impact Science Fair Project Abstract

My research on meteors and meteorites uncovered that meteorites uncovered that meteors are a piece of matter that’s gets pulled into Earth’s gravitational pull and burns up in the Earth’s atmosphere.

A Science Fair Project on Meteor Impact Abstract

7th Grade
Texas, USA

My topic is meteor impact. I became interested in the impact of meteors when my teacher, Mrs. Zakarian, told me about an experiment. Things went running through my mind lie, “Wow, I will get messy in this experiment.” and “I would like to see how meteors and meteorites impact our moon and Earth.” “Can meteor size be determined by the length of the rays and the size of the crater?”

The next question that comes to my mind that I would like to determine is, “Would the height of the distance from the mud impact the size of the crater?”

When I finished with that AI then looked through all my results and added the length of each ray and the depth of the crater. I discovered tha the gold ball was the object with the largest total, the smallest total of all the aquarium pebbles. The pebble test had a total of 7cm crater and didn’t have a single ray! The golf ball really surprised me! It had an array total of 179cm.

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When my investigation started, I filled a roasting pan with flour and cocoa. After I filled the pan, I dropped a golf ball in the pan. Then I measured the length of the crater and rays (the distance in which the debris flies). I did the same thing with large aquarium marbles, plastic marbles, and aquarium pebbles.

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