Middle School Summer Science Activities

Educational Science Kits Summer Activities

Summer is when we all get a little more active so if you are looking for middle school summer science activities then consider using science fair science kits. For example, you can examine the mechanics of your summer sports, you can look at why your boat stays afloat in the lake, you can explore the habitats that are established in local recreation areas or you can complete a species count at your favorite park or recreation site.

One project idea that you can work on this summer is looking at the science of body building supplements. You can explore the components of these supplements and then determine why they work/don’t work. You may want to compare brands or even complete your own trials to see how they impact sports performance.

If you are having a hard time coming up with ideas for your science fair projects, then experiment with a young scientists club science kit set. This set will walk you through science experiments, providing you with the tools and ingredients needed for a variety of projects, and they can provide you with great ideas for more advanced experiments. Some of these kits will even providing you with a check list for additional projects that you can perform after completing the first experiment.

Do you have an idea for a summer science project? Are you a teacher looking for science demonstrations for the upcoming school year? Post your ideas and questions below.

One thought on “Middle School Summer Science Activities

  1. Ken H @Moon In My Room says:

    Not only is this good advice and benefits your child’s science project efforts, but it great in the following ways:
    1. Great way to spend time with your kids. As a parent, I know I need to spend more time with my kids.
    2. Fun and learning without spending a ton of money. That’s always important, especially in these times.

    BTW…Another area that is very exciting for kids, especially if you happen to have a telescope is astronomy related projects. These can also tie into the history of exploration,etc.


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