My First Lab® WOW Scope SMD-09
My First Lab® WOW Scope SMD-09 Side View
My First Lab® WOW Scope SMD-09 Angle View
My First Lab® WOW Scope SMD-09 World of Wonder Microscope

My First Lab® WOW Scope SMD-09 World of Wonder Microscope



My First Lab® WOW Scope SMD-09 is designed for young scientist who like explore the world of the unknown. It is different than most children’s microscopes because of the following 3 major factors:

  1. Tt is a binocular microscope which means it has 2 eyepieces, instead of 1 eyepiece (monocular).
  2. You are able to view slides and 3D objects which means it has both upper and lower illumination.
  3. C & A Scientific are the manufacturers are known for making high quality scientific and educational microscopes for laboratory use. Many children's microscopes are made by toy manufacturers.


  • Real glass optics
  • Interchangeable pairs of 10X and 25X eyepieces
  • 20X and 50X total magnification
  • Battery-powered (2 AA batteries – not included)
  • Top and bottom duo-LED illumination can be used for ALL specimens, even prepared slides!
  • Super light and portable!
  • What is Included

  • binocular microscope
  • 2 interchangeable sets of eyepieces (10x and 25x)
  • a slide case
  • 2 prepared slides - 1). a mosquito mouth and fly wing
      1). thin sections mounted on a glass slide under a coverslip
      2). a white cardboard sand, a small feather and an insect leg glued on. These are 3D objects.
  • Not included: 2 AA batteries
  • Benefits of My First Lab® WOW Scope SMD-09

  • Quick and easy to set-up.
  • A battery compartment is located in the base of the microscope.
  • A stage (base of the microscope) with 2 attached metal clips to hold the specimen or slide in place.
  • The light switch has 2 on positions:
      1st switch for glass slides to illuminated the slide from under the stage.
      2nd switch for 3D objects to illuminate the object from on top.
  • The large black knob turns to smoothly move the the microscope head down and up until the object is in focus.
  • Mostly made of metal and has glass optics except for the base which is plastic.

  • Important Information
    Warranty and Return Policy

    Additional information

    Weight 3 lbs
    Dimensions N/A

    Single, Case of 10


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