National Renewable Energy Laboratory Competitions

National Renewable Energy Laboratory Competitions

This week I want to talk about the science programs and competitions offered by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory Competitions (NREL). This foundation offers programs and competitions for elementary school students, middle school students and high school students. Read on to learn about tutoring programs and science competitions.

If you are associated with an elementary school, either a student or a teacher, then you will want to learn more about the NREL Coalition for Learning Opportunities of United Tutors. This science program provide Denver regional schools with tutors who will help selected students to expand their scientific horizons. Tutors will work one-on-one with students in reading, science and math topics. They will also supplement their tutoring sessions with special technology and science projects.

Middle schools have a couple of competitions to choose from. The first is the DOE National Middle School Science Bowl. This is an academic tournament that focuses on hydrogen fuel cell cars. The second DOE competition for middle schoolers is the Junior Solar Hydrogen Fuel Cell Competition. This is a classroom based science competition that is designed specifically for junior high students.

High school students, you too can take advantage of National Renewable Energy Laboratory competitions. The one designed for you is the DOE High School Science Bowl. This is a science tournament that will run you through both math problems and science problems.

To do well in these competitions it is important that you practice science experiments. Cool science fair projects are great for developing your thinking skills and your project development skills.

Don’t forget Super Science Fair competition!

5 thoughts on “National Renewable Energy Laboratory Competitions

  1. Lady says:

    It truly is quite remarkable what science can do in terms of renewable energy. I am continually amazed at some of the progress made in the industry.

  2. Falconium says:

    Here’s an opportunity to get your research published!

    Falconium ( is a new science journal featuring articles written by students, for students. You may write about your science fair project in an original research article, or write op-eds and reviews about any other scientific, mathematical, or technological topic you find interesting.

    Any student in grades 9-12 may submit an article to be considered for publication. Submissions are considered on the basis of scientific validity, journalistic style, and appeal of subject to a broad audience. If selected, your article will be printed in one of Falconium’s quarterly issues in addition to being featured on our website.

  3. Solar Lights says:

    The Junior Solar Hydrogen Fuel Cell Competition is just the kind of program that can spark the imagination and creativity of youg minds and change the way we all think abut energy usage.
    My twins do not have such a program in their school, I wish they did.
    They are working on a solar light assembly that will be submitted for extra credit.

  4. Rob@Online Poker Rakeback says:

    Quick question: In your opinion, would these competitions work to spark an interest in children who are currently not-so-fond of science?

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