Interesting science experiments for newsies…

Science Fair Project: What makes newspaper flammable?

Newspaper science fair projects are generally pretty innovative. After all you have to develop interesting science experiments using newspaper for something other than what it was designed for. If you are ready for innovative and interesting science fair projects, then try out these great sample projects and see what ideas you can come up with for upcoming science fairs.

Why is newspaper used to start campfires and BBQ? This Big Question works well for newspaper science fair projects. To complete this experiment you will want to determine what makes newspaper so flammable, after all this is why people use it to start fires. Think beyond just moisture content of the paper, also look at surface area and chemical components in the paper.

Newspaper is more absorbent than paper towels. This is a hypothesis statement that you can design 24-hour science fair projects around. In this experiment you will want to measure out fluid to be absorbed. You will want to test the absorption speed and amount of fluids in a container and on a flat surface. Is your hypothesis true or false?

Newspaper can be used to purify water. This is another great idea for a hypothesis. To test this hypothesis you will need to see if newspaper can filter impurities out of contaminated water. To complete this project you can take regular water and contaminate it with dirt and sand. Then filter the water by pouring it over a doubled up piece of newspaper. Collect the filtered water and examine it for particles. Did the newspaper clean the water?

Newspaper is bacteria resistant. This is an interesting biology science fair project idea that you can work on. To test this hypothesis you will want to introduce bacteria cultures to a newspaper sample and see if they will grow on it. Another interpretation of this experiment is to compare the bacteria resistency of newspaper to terry cloth towels. To complete this experiment you will want to place a pile of newspapers and a pile of towels in the locker room and let them stay their for about a week. Then take samples from each item and test it for bacteria.

5 thoughts on “Interesting science experiments for newsies…

  1. Benjamin Robert Johnson@lifetime health tips says:

    Science fair projects are great avenues for kids to exercise their creativity. I think the goal of the a this science fair project is to let the kids think independently on their own; find solutions to the problems they see; innovate thoughts and ideas. The good thing about kids is that they are more inquisitive, creative and imaginative than adults. A Brain study was conducted in Utah stating that as we grow older, the lesser we become creative. I think it is true because our ego hinders us to explore and discover; sometimes we think that we know it all.

    In contrary, these kids in science fair projects practice some sense of creativity. They explore and discover things on their own. Their search for knowledge and new information can bring in innovation to humanity. Kids who maintain this traits or attitude are often the ones who will stand out when they become an adult.

    Thus, science fair projects like this is a good start. An avenue that can help kids explore and discover new ways and means. Every big things come from small beginnings.

  2. Sean says:

    I agree with “sunshine” on this. Science fairs are meant to show what students can prove on their own. Even though I find this interesting, it shouldn’t be used as advice.

    It is very disappointing when judging a science fair and giving a student compliments on their creativity only to finding out their parents were responsible for the creativity…

  3. Tents says:

    It’s good that the kids can come up with their own experiments. It certainly will help them out to learn as it is something they are interested in and the experiment may benefit other causes as well. Great stuff. Cheers

  4. Matthew@Shredding Services Chicago says:

    I figured the main reason that people use newspaper to start fires is because most people feel bad throwing something away after reading it once. This is a great way to make use of something more then one time. I never knew it had other good reasons to burn.

  5. mark @la pavoni stradivari espresso machine says:

    I know a lot of my nieces and nephews are really into camping, so it would be great to use a resource like that as a hypothesis question for a science fair. I personally think that to interest kids, it definitely needs to relate to an activity in their every day life.

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