Ocean Acidification Science Fair Ideas

Ocean Acidification Science Fair Ideas

When looking for a science fair idea look at all the possible impacts, positive and negative that global warming is having on the world’s oceans, particularly ocean acidification science fair ideas.

Global warming is a huge science issue that has dominated the news for the last several years. Global warming is the gradual warming of the Earth’s climate which is caused by greenhouse gases which trap the sun’s radiation. One of the effects of global warming is rising sea temperatures. Scientists worry that rising temperatures will cause cold water marine life to die off, however, while this negative side effect of global warming is occurring, it is not the only problem that the ocean life has to deal with.

The real killer for the world’s oceans is ocean acidification. Ocean acidification occurs when carbon dioxide from the atmosphere dissolves into the ocean. This lowers the pH level of the ocean water raising the levels of carbonic acid in the oceans. Higher levels of carbonic acid dissolve calcium masses like coral skeletons and shells. This is why it is so dangerous for the sensitive coral reefs that provide homes for corals, worms and other animals.

See how ocean acidification is having a negative impact on some animals. There are also impacts on the oceans caused by global warming are actually helping some species. In fact, the rising temperatures in the world’s oceans are being attributed to the accelerated growth rate for certain forms of algae, which are a staple of the marine ecosystem. If you are looking for middle school science fair projects, consider looking at how global warming is helping some species thrive. This could be the unique angle that will make your project stand out from the competition.

Need help brainstorming ideas for super science fair projects? Start a conversation below and connect with out kids working on project ideas. Bounce ideas off one another and see what happens.

5 thoughts on “Ocean Acidification Science Fair Ideas

  1. green house spares says:

    This is quite an eye opener. Id never heard of ocean acidification before, how worried should we be about this really?

  2. Ariestee says:

    Ocean acidification occurs when carbon dioxide from the atmosphere dissolves into the ocean. could land animals be affected by this issue?

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  4. Aiping Wang says:

    The first thing is to realize that almost all stress is caused not by events in the external world, but by how you react to those events.

    • sunshine says:

      Yes, stress is a perception. It is also a normal every moment occurrence. We experience stress just by gravitational pull, the rotation of the earth, and other natural occuring happenings.

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