19 thoughts on “Orangutan & Wild Dog’s Adventure

  1. Mike @ Locksmiths Bromley says:

    Ha ha that is brilliant, dogs are great animals and they can be trained to do nearly anything, I love it

  2. Rachael@Valentine Gifts For Him says:

    Awesome! I will never cease to be entertained by what dogs can do. I’m a big dog lover and have a German Shepherd who can do all sorts of things, but she hasn’t encountered an elephant yet 🙂

  3. moscow hotels says:

    That’s amazing lol
    I have an American Bulldog, he is quite entertaining too, though it’s a fighting pedigree. And, I don’t know why, but he often may be scared by German Shepherds.

  4. mike@organic baby clothes says:

    This is one of the cutest videos I have ever seen. I loved seeing the elephant walking by the modern house like it is no big deal. And then the orangutan hugging the dog! Too cute! Thank you for sharing this.

  5. Doc says:

    What a great video. The Orangutan is unbelievable and the dog is special. I have a wheaten Terrier that is well trained and smart!

  6. Stephan Jerez says:

    I like this post. I am a huge dog lover and like reading about animals in general too. I’m gonna RSS.

  7. Tony says:

    Gosh, how neat is that. It’s amazing how the instantly formed a bond. Great video. Those people have the lives that a lot of us animal lovers envy. However, I’m stuck in corporate America. lol

  8. Rob Z @ Dog Wheelchairs says:

    That’s astounding. I would have never guessed that those two animals would get along that way. Wow!

  9. Sean@Learn Chinese says:

    Dogs never cease to amaze me at the wonderful things they can do. I don’t think any other animal can make a person feel special like man’s best friend. The Orangutan is really cute too.

  10. jack@homeschool kids says:

    My dog is a little indifferent…i wonder why..I am a little jealous seeing other wonderful stories from dog owners.

  11. London Flower Delivery says:

    Ha ha, beautiful! Some dogs can get on with anyone and anything. Amazing it osn’t afraid of an animal a hundred times bigger than it!

  12. Anthony@Arai Rx7 says:

    This is such a heartwarming story. These animals are so smart that it blows my mind. Thank you for posting this video.

  13. Citronella Bark Dog Collar says:

    Has anyone had good luck with Iams dog food? It seems a little pricey but if it is as good as the ads say then maybe it is worth it. Looking for any opinions 🙂

  14. Infant Headbands says:

    That was the cutest short video I have seen in a long time. I can’t wait to show this to my kids. We are animal lovers here, and that just makes me want to go hug a monkey!

  15. las vegas all inclusive packages says:

    My Dad and I went on a Uniworld Rhine Cruise last November. We had a wonderful trip, unfortunately Art wasn’t up to writing a trip report. He has started to load pictures but doesn’t have the motivation to finish. I figured if I posted this it would give him the impetus to complete uploading his photos.

  16. James @ Bat Costumes says:

    What a great video. It is amazing what animals are capable of. They never cease to amaze me. This has brightened up my day no end. Thanks for posting it.

  17. carpet cleaning nyc says:

    the dog is somthing and we all can learn from animals how to love and share with no terms
    sweeeeeeeeet video

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