How do I organize my windmill science fair projects?

How do I organize my windmill science fair projects?

How do I organize my windmill science fair project?

This is a question that you need to ask yourself if you plan on entering a windmill project in your school or local science fair. Organization of your project will not only impact how quickly you can complete your project, but it will also impact your final grade and your chances on winning the science fair. Fortunately, the organization of a science fair project is pretty straight forward, all you have to do is follow the format.

The first organizational activities that you will need to master are organizing your notes. You will need to take notes when you conduct background research for your science fair project report, when you are designing your experiment and when you are collecting data for your project. An easy way to organize your notes is to place them on note cards. At the top of each note card you will write down what part of your project the notes relate to, i.e. the report, the experiment or the data. You can then highlight this title in a color that corresponds to the element of your project that the notes relate to. This will help you to quickly identify note cards that you need.

Next you will need to learn how to organize your windmill science fair project report. The organization of your report is going to be dependent on the instructions given to you by your teacher. However, the format will generally follow an outline like this one: title page, introduction, hypothesis, background research, experiment design, data, data analysis, results, discussion (recommendations). To get the most points possible, remember to follow the specific instructions provided by either your teacher or the science competition that you are entering.

The third activity that you will need to organize is your display board. Your display board is basically a visual summary of your project from beginning to conclusion. In order to get everything that is needed onto your display board, and to ensure that it is easy to read and visually attractive, you need to lay it out before you glue anything down. Your goal is to make the information flow logically from your hypothesis to the conclusions that you produced based on the data that was collected. This flow needs to include both text and graphics.

In addition to the physical organization of the activities that you need to complete for your windmill science fair project you also need to organize your time. Time management can be accomplished by setting up a to do list schedule List out each activity and when it is due. This will help you to stay on task and to avoid problems related to procrastination.

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