1st grade science experiments and ideas…

Do you need a list for science fair projects for 1st grade students? If you do then you are in luck. Below you will find five different lists of 1st grade science experiments that you can do at home or in class. The lists of the best kids’ science fair projects are organized by topic […]

Science Fair Projects on Dating

Dating is a phenomenon that many students first learn about in either middle school or high school. There are many reasons why people date, and most of them have to do with biological responses of attractions. If you are looking for a science fair project then consider science fair projects on dating. The first issues […]

Physics science fair projects for aspiring rocket scientists…

Science fair projects with balloons and rockets can tackle several science topics. You can develop physics science fair projects that look at propulsion systems or the physics of rocket aerodynamics. No matter what you are interested in you will have fun working on these experiments. Have fun with the following sample projects! Does the size […]

Science experiments and projects that will have you walking on eggshells…

Eggshell science fair projects are great for exploring the science concept of permeability. Below you will find five options for your science experiments and projects. Each involves an egg, its shell and the concept of permeability. Build on these experiment ideas to develop winning science fair projects. If you are interested in 24-hour science fair […]

PicoTurbine Windmill – FQA

Question: Hi I bought the Picoturbine kit for my daughter’s science fair and I am unable to get the 1.5 volts that are needed to light up the LED. I have tried just about everything and I am unable to get more than 0.25 volts. I have tested the resistance of the coil and I […]

Topics for large chemistry science fair experiments for class projects…

Whole class science fair projects are a fun way to work together as a class to solve a problem. These class projects can look at big science issues like global warming, or simple science concepts like solubility. No matter what your class decides to do, remember that the project is a team effort and that […]

Laser Science Fair Projects

Question: hi, I need ideas for any science fair project to do with laser’s i’m in grade 8 and i will take any suggestions thanks Answer: The magnetometer uses a diode laser – open-style laser pointer to measure the interplanetary magnetic field. It is a device that you build yourself and has helped many students […]

Super Science Fair Projects for Winter Break

It is hard to believe, but the year is almost over. That means the kids will be out of school for a couple of weeks and you will be dealing with rough winter weather and boredom. Luckily science is here to save you! Science fair projects and experiments can be a great way to pass […]

Science Themed Gift Ideas

Today is December 5, 2008, only 20 days left until Christmas. If you are still looking for gifts for the young scientists on your shopping list then this blog is for you. This week’s blog will give you a few science themed gift ideas. The first gift idea is to give a collection of science […]

Holiday Chromatography Science Fair Projects

Last week we talked about holiday candy science fair projects that you can complete. This week I’d like to talk about another holiday project that you can work on, chromatography science fair projects. Chromatography, if you don’t already know, is a very simple process that involves the separation of colors or particles in a solution […]