Human Eye Rods & Cones w Gene Therapy

Did you know that the human eyes have 130 million rods that detect light in low-level conditions but don’t perceive color or fine details? There are 7 other million cones that cluster in the middle of the retina. When either fails, people lose sight in all or part of the visible spectrum. Good news: In […]

The science of 9th grade…

9th grade is usually the first year that students are able to explore specific fields of science in detail. They can elect to take Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Earth Science. This branching off of science interest allows the student to really explore their areas of interest. However, it also provides them the opportunity to learn […]

Enter the 2010 American Solar Challenge

Become a part of history. Enter the 2010 American Solar Challenge (ASC2010) which is a competition to design, build, and drive solar-powered cars in a cross-country time/distance rally event. Teams compete in a 1100 mile drive from Tulsa to Chicago. The route has been chosen to combine pieces of old routes used in previous events, […]

Longitudinal science fair projects for high school students…

If you want to make a superior showing at your high school science fair, then consider planning out a longitudinal study during your high school career. This project will begin in your Freshman year and it will conclude in your senior year of high school. These projects will demonstrate to science fair judges and to […]

12th grade science challenge…

The 12th grade is really your last chance to create entries for your resume. These entries are necessary as they show colleges what type of student you are and what skills you have developed in high school. Many students who are trying to get into the best schools or science programs put a lot of […]