Bio-Rusting Science Fair Projects | Biochemistry Science Abstract

Bio-Rusting Science Fair Project Abstract

ABSTRACT CATEGORY:Biochemistry STUDENT: Emily GRADE LEVEL: 10th CITY/STATE: Madison, IL USA AWARDS:1st Place in High School, Outstanding in Illinois Regional, 2nd Place in American Chemical Society I. Purpose The purpose of my bio-rusting science fair projects experiment is to determine the effect of various organic bacteria on the rate of the iron oxidation process. II. […]

Exploring the universe with Kepler’s Laws and science fair projects…

Kepler's Laws of Planetary Motion

Students working on astronomy science fair projects can benefit from learning about Kepler’s Laws and the basic theories behind the science of astronomy like Kepler’s first law. This law state is based on the assumption that planetary orbits are ellipses and that the sun provides one of the elliptical foci. Kepler’s 1st Law: The orbits […]

Science Fair Projects with Fabrics Abstract

Science Fair Project with Fabrics Abstract

CATEGORY: Consumer Science STUDENT: Tasmiha GRADE LEVEL: 11th (High School) STATE / Country: Illinois, USA AWARDS:Honorable Mention of the Virtual Summer Science Fair Contest – Super Science Fair Projects Hypothesis I believe that nylon will dry the fastest because it looks and feels the thinnest. Because of its thinness, the water would be absorbed less […]

6th Grade Renewable Energy Science Fair Projects

6th grade renewable energy science fair projects

The 6th grade is one of the best years in school, naturally, to do 6th grade renewable energy science fair projects! This is because you are in a new phase of your education, middle school. The science that you learn about is more advanced and you get the chance to complete hands on learning activities […]

PicoTurbine Windmill – FQA

Savonius Wind Turbine & Solar Electricity Lab Science Fair Kit

Question: Hi I bought the Picoturbine kit for my daughter’s science fair and I am unable to get the 1.5 volts that are needed to light up the LED. I have tried just about everything and I am unable to get more than 0.25 volts. I have tested the resistance of the coil and I […]

Chemistry Lab Tips for Osmosis and Diffusion

Diffusion Races Easy Science Fair Projects Kit

Teachers, here are some lab tips for osmosis and diffusion: Your students will have a lot of fun learning about diffusion while engaging Diffusion Races! Use liquid laundry starch or soluble packing pellets in place of soluble starch. Have students tie knots in the dialysis bags instead of using string. Have each group do each […]

Designing Your Experiment

Designing Your Experiment

This week we are moving on to the next step in the scientific method, designing your experiment. This step is one that you need to pay close attention to, as it will determine how successful your science fair project will be. By the way, if you have been following this blog this month then you […]

8th Grade Science Fair Projects on Health and Chemistry

8th Grade Chemistry and Health Science Fair Projects

Finding 8th grade science fair projects on health and chemistry can be quite a challenge. However, if you keep your eyes open you will quickly see that project ideas are all around you. While not all the ideas you come up with will be winners, you will be surprised at how many great ideas you […]

10th Grade Microbiology Science Fair Projects

Surface & Water Microbes Science Fair Projects | Surface & Water Microbiology Experimenter Kit

10th grade microbiology science fair projects can range from very basic molecular biology science experiments to extremely advanced biochemistry experiments. While many people think that in order to win a science fair they need the most complex project at the fair, this is not the case. Simpler projects that are well executed are going to […]

What is a science fair project with coffee / cacao?

Coffee Science Fair Projects

Question: Dear Madeline Some time ago you had something in one of your newsletters about a science fair project with chocolate. (coffee, cacao etc.) that one can use. Is it possible to forward the information to me? We would like to do something along that line for our next project. My Child is 12 years […]