Plant biology science fair project idea…

Every year students have the opportunity to create, experiment and defend their own science fair projects. These projects can deal with anything that that student is interested in from botany to electronics. However, if you want your science fair project to stand out and to impress the judges you need to create an interesting science fair project.

One option that you have for your science fair project is to look at seed stratification. Seed stratification is the dormant phase that a seed experiences before it will germinate. The length of time that a seed spends in the stratification or dormancy phase varies by plants. Some plants do not have a stratification process while others have stratification periods that surpass a year.

There are several angles that you can take when developing a seed stratification science fair project. The first option that you have is to determine what advantage there is to having a dormant period before germinating. The second option is to determine how the length of dormancy impacts the success rate of a plant’s seedling. Your final option is to determine if the stratification process can be bypassed through forced germination, and if it can what impacts the forced germination will create for the plant in its various developmental stages.

Another option that you have is to create a dna extraction science fair project. This option will have you extracting the DNA from both plants that require seed stratification and plants that do not require this step in their propagation.