Power your classroom with renewable energy!

Renewable Energy in the Classroom

Energy costs are skyrocketing across the country and even around the globe. You can help to offset your school’s energy bill while you teach your students valuable lessons about renewable energy when you develop renewable energy education in the classroom lesson plans. Renewable energy projects, lectures and presentations all can be used to get your students involved in the technology that is shaping the world.

One of the best programs I have seen for interactive learn is the  Classroom STEM Plus Playoff 4 Pack Wind Turbine Competition with 2 Savonius & 2 Sky-Z Wind Turbines where students or teams compete to see who designed the best wind turbine. There’s a lot of learning as well as fun that takes place amongst your students. You have 4 alternating power sources with each STEM Turbine interface so you can compare them in real time. Using a computer, your students can see real time data comparison of RPM’s plus power output that is generated by their alternators.

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