Robo holiday projects to the rescue…

Build a Brushbot for a Robo Holiday Project

Do you have your robo holiday projects ready to keep your kids busy?

The holiday season is upon us and soon kids will be taking several breaks from school. To keep them entertained and away from the television try out a Brushbot kit. This kit will provide hours of entertainment and educational fun. And it is extremely inexpensive!

They will learn about electricity and friction as well as about robotics. If they have a science fair project, then they can use this kit for that too! Click on the above link and you will find a list of science fair project ideas.

Teachers, you can use it for classroom STEM / STEAM learning and science fair prizes. Engage a team of 3 to build this robot at science party, camp or scout activities. Parents give it away as a door prize or stocking stuffer.

Other holiday robo projects : Kids can even design and build their own robot for wrapping or unwrapping gifts, or for patrolling their holiday gifts. What will your robot do?

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