Robot Engineering Computer Science Fair Abstract

Robot Computer Engineering Science Fair Abstract

See this 8th grade engineering computer science fair abstract about an assistant robot who can effectively help humans be more efficient.

8th Grade
Maryland, U.S.A.
1st prize winner of his division. Award of a PicoTurbine Windmill set donated by Picoturbine International.

Engineering and computer science have completely changed the way we live. One of many applications of these fields that dramatically changed our lives is robotics. As a robotics enthusiast, I am always fascinated by the fact that robots can autonomously perform tasks that are difficult to impossible or very time consuming. I continuously ponder around real-world problems that can be solved with the use of robots. So, I wanted find out how to use robots to effectively assist humans.

After thinking critically, I figured that it would be possible to make a robot to perform a simple job of a human. My goal was to successfully build and test a robot prototype that could effectively grab various objects and transport them to a specified place, autonomously or remotely.

So, I researched a bit more into autonomous robotics and designed my robot. I built a robot with a robotic materials set (3 motors, structural parts, and color sensor) and then programmed it using graphic-based programming software. The robot could pick up most of the objects I used both autonomously and remotely. My experiment proved the hypothesis as the robot assistant that I built worked.

When performing the tasks autonomously, the robot was fast, but inaccurate at times. In contrast, the remote control method was much slower, but very precise.

Although I faced problems throughout the process, I resolved them. For example, the robot kept falling while moving (due to imbalance), so I stabilized it by balancing with weights. The robot has limitations such as coverage, as it is only a prototype.

I can make a lot of improvements to the robot, such as stronger parts and motors. I would really love to research on making a business out of multi-purpose robots for home settings. There are many other applications for this type of robot, just a few being medical, agriculture, industrial, and construction. It would save time and/or money in working environments

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