The Roles of the Teacher in the Classroom

Successful Roles of Teacher in the Classroom

A classroom is a social group that is constantly exposed to the educational influences of the school. The students make up a very specific social group that is governed by educational relationships. These relationships are based on the interpersonal relationships between the students but also on the relationship between the students and their teacher.

Even though the teacher – student relationship is strictly a didactic one, it is influenced by the other interpersonal relationships inside and outside the classroom. That is why the teacher has to be able to get to know the group (the classroom) as dynamic group of interpersonal relationships.

It is known that usually a teacher can not choose his or hers students and vice-versa, but the teacher has the task of building the group or the team if you will, and also integrate himself/herself into that group.

The role of the teacher inside such a complex group occurs on all levels involved by the educational activity:

  • Observes the actions and the behavior of the students inside the classroom, but  also during their extracurricular activities. A teacher’s teaching  technique should be aligned with the specific group he/she is addressing, which requires a careful observation of the group as a whole but also of each student inside the group.
  • Communicates scientific facts, moral and cultural values and takes notes of the student’s feedback. This communication is based on the curriculum but it can also be adapted to the interests and concerns of the students.
  • Conducts, guides, controls and evaluates the activity of the classroom.
  • Works on setting the student – science relationship.
  • Communicates with the classroom. The teaching activity involves a continuous and varied dialog with the students.
  • Cooperates with the students in achieving the tasks that are assigned to the group, such as homework, extracurricular activities or making decisions.
  • Stimulates the activity of the students by appreciating their work and efforts and guide them when they are having difficulties completing their tasks.
  • Coordinates interpersonal relationships inside the classroom, with the goal of building a strong and united community.
  • Guides the actions of each individual with the goal of helping students finding their purpose in life.
  • Characterize the classroom as a group, outlining its main characteristics and its development plan.

The teacher has to adapt is pedagogical behavior to the group he/she is addressing to. This behavior should blend nicely with the teaching activity and must make the students feel comfortable but also interested during the classes.

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