Halloween Scary Science Fair Project Ideas

Halloween Science Fair Project Ideas

Halloween is in 2 more weeks, so my mind naturally goes towards the supernatural and scary science fair project ideas. If you are interested in completing a science fair project that is unique, fun and scary all at the same time, then consider designing a Halloween themed science fair project. You have a lot of options to choose from, but here are a few of my favorite.

The first project that you can complete is to experiment with what makes people scared. You can use scary images or you can conduct a survey. Your background research project for this topic will include research on topics like phobias and biological responses to fear.

The second project that you can complete is to determine if there is a difference between what makes males scared and what makes females scared. You can also compare the differences between age groups.

The third project idea that you can work with is to see how a person’s body responds to stimuli that they find scary. For example, you can chart how heart rates change when a person sees pictures of various types of “scary” things. For example, you can use photographs of spiders, bats, snakes, scorpions, ghosts, horror scenes, organs and blood.

Finding inspiration for a Halloween themed science fair project is easy. You can delve into your own imagination and use what makes you scared for your source of inspiration, or you can visit science blogspots like Evil Mad Scientist to find project ideas. Finally, you can read through news headlines to find topics that you can twist into a scary science fair project.

7 thoughts on “Halloween Scary Science Fair Project Ideas

  1. David @ Predator Costume says:

    Hey what a great idea for Halloween. I would have never thought about trying that as as a science fair project. it would be interesting to see how people do respond to being scared.


  2. Charlie@Slow Internet says:

    This is a very interesting idea which I think few people would have thought of on their own. It is so original. However, I think that care should be taken when scaring people for an experiment, as people might not take it well (their permission should be gained first) and at worst an accident could happen due to their shock/fear.

  3. ben says:

    Thanks you have given me some ideas for my very own science project,and with halloween around the corner this should work out well.


  4. Atniz@Work At Home says:

    Halloween is always fun and enjoying especially with children. But, I still find it awkward and creepy on evil scientist issue here. Anyway, Halloween is meant for that right?

  5. Aidan @ Banish Tinnitus says:

    This Halloween I was dressed as a Vampire…probably not as scary as some other costumes because so many other people already dress as vampires. Another idea for your experiment would be to test how size relates to scaring people….is a vampire costume more scary on a grown man or a little boy for example…

  6. Heather @ H Miracle says:

    Hey, thats a fantastic idea – thanks for sharing it. You could make the project interesting by dividing men and women (or boys and girls) and see what type of reactions you get…Happy Halloween!

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