A School Science Fair Project on Global Warming

6 yr Old Global Warming Science Fair Project Ideas Makes Headlines

Here is a project that the whole school can do … school science fair project on global warming!

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For this years the Super Science Fair Projects’ contest children had the option of doing a project that required doing all the steps of the scientific method while others chose the option of creating a project that involved enrolling people in their community to take action. Chinmayi chose to do a school science fair project on global warming.

Student: Chinmayi
Age 6 years
Maharashtra, India

Basis for Community Project
If we save our environment, we will save our selves. We are destroying our forest in large numbers and resulting in making our earth a place where people like us can’t live a long life any more. If we all come together, it is possible for all of us to make our earth a much better place to live in.

We have sent letters to Mayor of Mumbai, Chief Minister of Maharashtra regarding the project, and sent letter to the President of India to implement my project all over the country’s school. I have also received many response letters from many NGOs and many people. Download the letters that Chinmayi sent to important people in her community.

I want to include each and every school children & every society members in this project. I can only promote this project up to my school level & local level. I want to make my plan more better by promoting it to the country level and world level, and for this I need helping hands of the Government and some NGO’s.

Science Project Proposal

I am appealing to everyone those who are elder to me & younger to me, you may laugh on my project which I am announcing right now. I am a 6 years old girl, always hearing about the global warming, & hearing the tough discussions held between the big scientist & some people who have to destroy the environment.

It is too early for me to think about such a high density subject & to suggest the solutions. Even though as I said you may laugh, I am announcing this project to all my friends from all over the world schools (I may call them as brothers & sisters)

The graphics of my project is based on to grow the tree without investing a single rupee from your pockets & you will get happiness from the same. The idea of the project is,’ our parents always buy fruits for us which have lots of seeds that we throw as a waste.

image of science fair project community planting trees at top of mountain in India

image of science fair project community planting trees at top of mountain in IndiaThese packets will be carried by us at the time of 1st monsoon, to the forest which will be near to our locality & we will throw all these packets very far in different directions in the forest.

Since these seeds are well prepared & I hope in the monsoon season they will certainly grow & will remain alive. In this way if thousand of students use this method then my dear friends how many trees will grow in the forest without doing many efforts? If we carry this method every year I hope, we can grow numbers of trees in the forest & we can also involve elder people. In this way, we can make our EARTH “Sujalam & Suphalam” (healthy water and ever green).

My dear friends, people are cutting off the trees day by day; the animals living aren’t able to hide themselves which in turn leads to the death as they don’t get enough food to survive. As you know many of the birds & animals do not exit now, it won’t take many years to destroy animal’s life. If we think globally, we are destroying our forest in large number & resulting in making our EARTH a place where people like us can’t live a long life.

Just imagine when such trees will grow, all birds, animals certainly give us happiness as well as it will keep the balance of environment for which our Govt. & people are looking forward from many years. I also appeal to some agencies carrying such projects to give a helping hand for the betterment of the environment.

If we all come together, I think it is possible for all of us to make our EARTH a much better place to live in.

According to my knowledge if all students of my age and elder to me come together and use this method, then how many trees will grow in a year? It is beyond to my imagination, so please joint your hands in this project and grow the tree as much as you can.

If we save our environment we will save ourselves. I would like to conclude saying that: “It’s not about any ambitions, but about a mission.”

This is all about my project; I want to implement this project not only in my country, but in the entire world. I request every person living on this earth to be loyal to their land and join in this project. I am going to implement this project in month of June during the 1st monsoon season, when the schools reopens. I have approached my school principal for this and she has requested all the students and their parents to collect five seeds and join in this project.

I have started convincing people in my local area. My two friends and I went around in the local area and gave handouts and told the people the idea and intention of the project. We received good response. I was invited by Finance Minister of Maharashtra in a Honorable function at my village, where I gave speech in front of 40,000 people on this project, made them aware about global warming and what are my intention and future plans about this project.

For me taking part in this contest and winning a prize is not important. My main intention behind this project is to make the people, specially the school children’s all over the world aware about the big problem we will face when there will be no trees, and how we can make over with this problem by growing more trees.

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