School Science Fair Projects: Using the Internet to Generate Ideas

School Science Fair Projects & Ideas

Today I’d like to talk to you about how to come up with a great science fair idea using the Internet. These strategies are simple and just about anyone with internet access can use them.

The first thing that you can use the Internet for is to research the latest science developments and research projects. There are dozens of online libraries that you can access for free and many others that you can subscribe to. If money is an issue, look for free science libraries and free article databases to use for your research. You can also use the Internet to research science competitions that you can enter and to research winning school science fair projects. You can then use this information to develop a winning science fair project of your own.

Another great way to develop a science fair project idea is to watch other kids demonstrate their science fair projects on via a video website. YouTube is a great site that allows you to watch science fair project videos for free. As you watch the video, take notes about what you like about the project, what science concept is being tested and the pros and cons of the experiment’s design. You can then take these notes and expand upon the project or develop an even better experiment or project.

Do you have a science fair questions or project recommendation? If you do post it below in the comment box. I’ll try to answer questions in future Super Science Fair Projects blog postings.

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