Science Fair Ideas and Summer Vacation

Science Fair Ideas and Summer Vacation

As I mentioned last week, summertime is a great time to get out and explore the world and learn new things. This week I’d like to talk about a summertime activity that can (1) entertain you and (2) provide you with ideas for super science fair projects. This activity is going to a science museum. These museums are found all over the place, however, if the best museums are found in larger cities.

If you are looking for a science fair idea and live in, or plan on visiting St. Paul, Minnesota, then you need to go to the Science Museum of Minnesota. This museum can be found at 120 W. Kellogg Boulevard, which is in Downtown Minnesota. This museum has a lot of great exhibits and shows that you can tour to get ideas. Some of the exhibits and shows you can take for a test drive include: Anthropology, Paleontology, Conservation, Biology, Research Station and Community Science.

If you live on the East Coast or will be visiting Boston, then you will want to make plans to visit the Museum of Science. It can be found at 1 Science Park, Boston, Massachusetts 02114. This is a fantastic museum that offers high tech displays and shows like IMAX, laser shows, 3D digital cinema and a planetarium. This museum also offers live presentation, and nature exhibits on birds, bees and butterflies. This vacation destination is full of great science fair ideas so keep your eyes open.

Do you have a summer destination that you would like to recommend to young scientists? Post your recommendations below.

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  1. John@holiday home insurance says:

    I very randomly came across this post after reminiscing about my childhood visit to my cousins in Minnesota which included a trip to the Science Museum! I have great memories of the trip, but I think it may have been boring had it not been for the company – I really got on with my cousin and she had a real passion for archeology and particularly the Egyptian exhibits at the museum… Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

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