2008 Virutal Science Fair Contest Launches Today

If you have been following this blog then you know how passionate I am about the environment and about using school based science fair projects to expand students’ understanding and passion for ecology and renewable energy development. This year the Super Science Fair Project website will be hosting several virtual science fairs. These contests can be a great way for you to get your child or students excited about science topics that will help promote the sustainability of the world’s ecosystems.

There are three different categories for the Super Science Fair Projects Virtual Science Fair. The first category is environmental focused science fair projects. Projects that will qualify for this category include: composting projects, recycling projects and renewable energy projects. The second category is design a “green building.” To qualify for this category you will need to design a project that explores the e-factors related to environmentally friendly building products. The final category is community projects. To qualify for this category you will need to design an ecologically or environmentally friendly community project.

Like past virtual science fairs offered by this site, the contest is open to students in elementary and high school. Projects will be judged according to three different age categories. Each age category will offer a first prize of either a Magnacraft 50mm power telescopre or an MP3 player.

This virtual science fair contest is a great primer for a school science fair competition or a springboard for designing new science projects for class. To get ideas for cool science fair projects be sure to read our past blogs, as they contain a lot of tips and hints for finding project inspiration and resources.

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  1. Robbi says:

    One of the issues that your community project can focus on is sustainable development. This is a very hot issue right now in the realm of government and science.

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