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  • Three 1st prize winners, one for each grade group.
  • Six Runners Up
  • 1st Prize Winners Will Receive

    image of Discover Coding by Snap Circuits
    image of Digital Microscope with LED Monitor
    image of Sky-Z Limitedless Turbine AC & DC Labs
    Primary Grade Winner
    Group 1: 3rd and 4th Grade
    Discovering Coding w/ Snap Circuits
    Donated by Elenco, Inc.
    Middle School Grade Winner

    Group 2: Grades 5th – 6th Grades

    Digital Microscope with LCD Monitor

    Donated by Easy Peasy Science
    Middle School Grade Winner

    Group 3: Grades 7th – 8th Grades

    Sky-Z Limitedless Turbine AC & DC Labs
    Donated by PicoSolutions Group, Inc
    Six Runners Up Will Receive

    TY Mini Inspector
    Donated by Super Science Fair Projects

    All Participants

    image of Super Science Fair Projects T-Shirt All participants will receive an Award Certificate via email. A T-Shirt will be mailed to you if COVID is over in the United States.


    Thank you for the tracking number and the experience. Eli (kindergarten) and Ella (4th grade) had so much fun. I’m sure Eli will have a blast with his robot kit and Ella with her energy kit. Thanks again. Have a wonderful and safe day.

    Aaron Anderson

    * * * *

    I just received the certificate and T-shirt in the mail, and I wanted to thank you.
    I really enjoyed being part of the contest this year, and I am excited about telling my teachers about it when I return to school.

    ( Rebecca won a DNA Extraction Kit ).   Sincerely, Rebecca

    * * * *

    Garrett is really enjoying his T-shirt and microscope.
    Thanks for all your hard work.
    Annette, Parent of Homeschooler

    SO COOL!!! Thank you!!!

    * * * *

    I got the prize yesterday, and already made the solar and wind turbine.My parents and my neighbors loved it.My mom wants solar power for our house too.

    The t-shirt and certificate came in the mail today.I will wear the t-shirt on the first day back to school in September.That will be so great.

    Thank you so much for everything!!!


    IMPORTANT: For the prize winners, if you live in any other country than the United States or Canada, you will have money placed in your parent’s paypal account. The amount will be equal to the wholesale cost of the the prize for that division.So parents, if you do not have a paypal account, please go to and set up your free account. If paypal is not in your country, then money will be sent by post. We are not responsible if you do not receive it.

  • All students who enter the contest will receive an award certificate that was designed just for The Science Fair Enthusiast’s Contest. Because of COVID, the certificate will be emailed to you.


    1. Read EVERYTHING on this page. I know it is a lot, but by reading every detail you will save yourself time and disappointment. You may even want to print the page and then read it.
    2. This is a VIRTUAL CONTEST. That means everything will be sent via email. Directions on how to send your project via email are included with the Entry Form Download.
    3. Print and fill out the Students Entry Form
      Download the Virtual Science Fair Contest Entry Form Here. Sign it with a pen, scan it into your computer and email it today!

    4. The contest officially begins: November 2, 2021 -11:59 AM CST

      Deadline for science fair project entries: February 15, 2022 – 11:59 PM CST
    5. People and their families associated with the Super Science Fair, Super Science Fair, and Free Science Fair are not eligible to enter the contest.


    The staff of Super Science Fair Projects website and other individuals will judge the science projects. The science projects will be judged on originality, quality and implementation of the idea, documentation and presentation. All decisions are final.

  • Winners of theScience Fair Contest will be announced by March 1, 2022 and will be notified by e-mail. The winner agrees to allow,, or in an eBook to publish his/her first name only, state, country, grade, and science project on one of the previous mentioned websites. Each winner’s last name, name of school, home address and email addresses will NOT be published.

  • All materials received for the 2021 – 2022 International Virtual Science Fair Contest will become the property of M-Zan, Inc (owns and operates Super Science Fair web site ) and will not be returned.M-Zan Solutions will not be responsible for entry forms and / or projects that are not received.
  • Prizes will be mailed to the address listed on the winner’s entry form.
  • Void where prohibited by law. Direct all questions about his contest to Madelineat:

  • Credits to the Video Producers

    Ron Music, Rap Writer, Evanston, IL – mathxxmaster(at)

    Jim Reeves, Reeves Recording Studios of Evanston, IL

    Marla Fishman, Rapper

    Saman Moeyer, Animator & 3d modeler, Samanimation, of Chicago, IL

    30 thoughts on “2021 – 2022 International Virtual Science Fair Enthusiasts Contest | Competition | Olympiad

      • Madeline Binder says:

        All the details are on the page that explains about the contest. To answer you question, the grades are from 6th grade thru high school.

    1. HOLLIS c SANKAR says:

      Can Trinidad and Tobago students still take part? What are the ages for each Grade.In TT we have Infants 1 5years Infants2 6 years old etc.

      • Madeline Binder says:

        You need to click on the link that takes you to the page where all the details are explained. Also, did you download the entry form. That has everything on it also. Following directions is an important aspect of doing a science fair project. Let me know if you found everything. 🙂

    2. Marlene Wiley says:

      The Virtual Science Fair was awesome. During the current COVID-19 this was a wonderful way for my son to show off his enthusiasm for Science. Even though he could not go to school physically he still was able to participate in a Science Fair. Madeline was so great at helping me with everything he needed to do to enter the Science Fair. He really loved his Brushbot prize. When he put it together and saw it work, his face just lit up with joy. Great Science Fair – M. Wiley

      • Madeline Binder says:

        You cannot send your form thru Whatsapp. You need to send it through email to mdbinder1942 @
        Close in the spaces between 2 and @ and g . I don’t want the email to be clickable.
        This email address is also in the information pages that you downloaded with the form.
        If you read all the directions, the answers to your questions are on those pages.

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