Composition of a Medieval Replica Sword: Inspiration for Science Fair Projects

Over the last several weeks we have talked about fun summer activities that you can do while on summer vacation. Today I’d like to continue this discussion by talking about Medieval science fair projects that you can do this summer. These projects will not only hone your science skills, but they will also help you get a jump start on your school science fair project.

The first project is to explore the Medieval swords. The composition of a medieval replica sword has a huge impact on its ease of use and the amount of force and cutting power the sword has. To explore the composition of a sword you will want to look at the thickness of the sword, the weight of the sword, the metal used for creating the blade and the overall design of the sword. Great swords will be shapes to cut easily through the air.

Another project that you can do this summer that relates to the Middle Ages to attend a Renaissance fair or re-enactment. Watch how the knights use their swords, and film them in action. You can then study their range of motion to determine if there is a best way to swing a sword or to knock an opponent off his or her feet. These live events are great for generating a winning science fair idea. Just keep your eyes and mind open.

Do you have a suggestion for a science fair project? Do you have a summer activity that kids can do to develop their science skills? Post your responses below.

5 thoughts on “Composition of a Medieval Replica Sword: Inspiration for Science Fair Projects

  1. dagger says:

    medieval weaponry collection is now becoming a widespread trend all over the world, i however have been collecting for some time now and has acquired quite a number of replica pieces. and I’m still adding to my never ending collection.

  2. deevan@antique swords says:

    A few years back, there are some references to Damascus Steel swords and carbon nanotubes as an explanation of sharpness. These swords were extremely sharp, but still bendable. I would suggest starting a project investigating their method of manufacture.

  3. Children Activities says:

    My summer kid activity recommendation is to explore objects by a microscope. They can explore leaf, hair, food, etc.

  4. Harry Eardley says:

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