Science News: 6.8 Earthquake Hits North Island of New Zealand

On December 20, 2007 an earthquake with a magnitude 6.8 struck the North Island of New Zealand. Its epicenter was located about 150 kilometers east of the Taupo Volcano. Even though the magnitude was strong, there has been no damage reported thus far from the Gisbourne area. Other volcanoes in the affected chain include: Ruapehu, White Island, Rotorua, Kaikohe and Maroa.

Current earthquakes can be a great way to get your students interested in earth science topics like seismology, tectonics, volcanism, thermal energy and the Earth’s natural recycling process. Tracking earthquake clusters is easy to do when you have a link to the Internet. Most of the earthquake monitor services around the world have a live feed on their websites. Use these sites to keep your students up-to-date with earthquake activity.

There are a lot of earthquake and volcano science projects that your students can work on. The first is very easy and very inexpensive. All you have to do is simply assign students to track the earthquake activity in specific areas of the world. You can also track the seismic activity in your area if you live in a seismically active area like the Cascades or the Pacific Rim.

Another project that you can put together is to study the ripple effect created by seismic activity. For example, when an earthquake is detected keep your eyes open for other earthquakes in other parts of the world. Plot the series of earthquakes to demonstrate the movement of the Earth’s tectonic plates or to create a visual representation of energy waves moving from the epicenter of the main earthquake to other parts of the world.

Great science fair project ideas can come from just about anywhere. Winning science fair projects, and in generally the best science projects, are based on current events and science issues.


7 thoughts on “Science News: 6.8 Earthquake Hits North Island of New Zealand

  1. Akshay says:

    After all earthquake is a natural disaster, no matter how we afraid of it or try to avoid it but it’s a fact which has taken the lives of the million. The big corporate houses of manufacturing, finance, currency trading , constructions houses will demolish in a few seconds due to its affect.
    Many attempts have been made already to escape from earthquake, new technology, is keep on giving stress on finding new ways to save ourselves from this hazard.
    Only destiny knows who will going to flee from this monster.
    In the end whatever we say it is also the fruit of our deeds.

  2. online backgammon says:

    I think you are right Akshay but we just can’t blame the destiny. It is our own fault that we are continuously damaging our own environment. It is a man’s fault destiny can’t be blamed for that. But yes to escape from this monster will really a matter of destiny.

  3. ANSH@Senior Financial Planners says:

    earthquake is really a big disaster for human being. No body can give a proper prediction for that. Your post was really informative, now i know lots of hidden facts about the earthquakes.

  4. Damon@Honest Debt Settlement says:

    I remember as a kid I did a science project with an exploding volcano. That one was pretty cool. I was born and raised in California, and have been through some pretty big ones as a kid. Until recently I lived very close to the San Andreas Fault line in Southern California. At various spots all along the cost you can see where the fault line has pushed up higher than the other side. I fear that southern California is going to have a pretty size able slip in this fault in the next few years. That is part of the reason why my family and I have moved and are going to be relocating to Colorado this year. No earthquakes in Colorado 🙂

  5. Glasses says:

    Interesting indeed. And I too strongly believe that the damaged done to mother earth by human beings are the cause for all this natural disasters all around. Starting off with the Tsunami which killed a huge amount of people. But I guess that’s how the world balances too.

  6. Maria@Debt consolidation says:

    I don’t know, but I think we didn’t start the year right. I still remember what happened in Haiti and Chile because of the earthquake. Now, earthquakes are happening in some other places.

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