Science Fair Project Ideas Around Your Home

Science Fair Ideas in Your Garden

Now is the time to start thinking about science fair project ideas around your home. Get ahead of the game instead of being in a panic the last minute. The world around you is in abundance with science fair ideas. Here are some to help you to get started.

Today’s idea generation strategy is going to look at using your surroundings as inspiration for a project.

The first place that you will want to look for inspiration for science project ideas is around your house. To do this you will need a notebook and a pen or pencil. Walk around your house and start asking yourself questions such as how does the air conditioning unit cool hot air from outside or why do you use baking soda in cookies. Jot down these questions in your notebook. You can go back later and figure out what scientific concepts can be used to answer the question. As you learn more about each question that you ask you can start to put together science projects.

Once you have exhausted the resources in your home, you can look in other places like your school, neighborhood and shopping centers for inspiration. Again jot down questions you come up with as you explore your world. For example, you may want to learn how birds navigate during their migration to your area or what makes a neon light different from an LED light. If you are having a hard time coming up with questions just jot down things and interactions that you see, for example, you might see a robin eating a worm. You can jot this observation down and later come up with questions for that observation such as: how many worms do robins eat each day, when do robins eat, do robins eat anything other than worms, etc.?

Do you have an idea for super science fair projects? Or, do you need help coming up with a project idea? Either way post your comments below and I’ll try to address questions that come up in future blogs.

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