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The year is almost over and before you know it your science fair project will be due. With your winter break now in front of you, you have plenty of time to research topics and to come up with a great idea for your entry into upcoming science fairs.  However, if you are going to invest your time and effort into creating a science fair project, you will want to make sure you select a topic that will give you every advantage possible.

To start with you will want to think about what topics are hot right now. To find hot science topics read through this year’s newspaper headlines. Identify the issues that made the news more than once. For example, alternative fuels were big this last year, as were the issues related to global warming. Create a list of hot topics to conduct further research on.

As you research your hot topics you will want to start segregating your topics into two categories, interested in and not interested in. The topics that just don’t peak your interest you will want to file under not interested in. These are the topics that you will not be developing into a science fair project. However, the topics that are filed under “interested in” will be further developed.

With a short list of possible topics to work with, your next step is to narrow this list down to a single topic. To do this you will want to select the topic that has the most potential to be developed into a unique and interesting project. Try to avoid topics that have been selected by other people in your school, or topics that you know have been over done. However, if all you are left with are highly used topics you can still create a unique project by applying that topic to a unique question or problem.

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