What is a science fair project with coffee / cacao?

Coffee Science Fair Projects

Question: Dear Madeline

Some time ago you had something in one of your newsletters about a science fair project with chocolate. (coffee, cacao etc.) that one can use. Is it possible to forward the information to me? We would like to do something along that line for our next project. My Child is 12 years old.
E Leonarde

Answer: Elbie, I honestly don’t know where it is at. There are about 5000 pages on the site. Go to https://www.super-science-fair-projects.com and use the search window in the upper right corner of the page, input the word coffee, then try cacao. Here are a couple of science fair projects with coffee that I found. You may be able to find more: Renal Function Science Fair Project and Science Fair Project on Foliage and Nutrients.

NCBI has an abstract on Health and Coffee.

12 thoughts on “What is a science fair project with coffee / cacao?

  1. ken @ Coffee Burr Grinder says:

    With all the studies and surveys done on the subject of drinking coffee, we still do not know the advantages or disadvantages of coffee. Perhaps we will never know.

  2. Deb@portable closet says:

    The research on coffee seems to go back and forth in terms of positive/negative effects. I guess it can’t be that bad for you.

  3. mark@best bunn coffee makers says:

    This is my specialty! I looked at the renal function project, and even though coffee does produce the most urine, scientific studies have shown that it actually is not a diuretic, as many people thought. If you drink it in moderation, you can use it within your daily fluid intake count.

  4. mark@best bunn coffee makers says:

    The British Nutrition Foundation did confirm that you do not need to drink extra water to compensate for caffeinated beverages, like coffee. It can work as a mild diuretic, but the overall study found that it does not take away from your daily fluid intake, but can contribute to it.

  5. jane@Under Cabinet Coffee Makers says:

    I think we all know that coffee is basically bad for you. While it’s not very bad, if you never drink coffee and get all your energy from other sources like regular exercise, good rest and a good diet. Then you are going to be much healthier than someone who drinks coffee every day!

    Anyone disagree?

  6. Bobby Clark says:

    Some studies have shown coffee can significantly reduce the risk of diabetes, especially in men. Also studies show coffee is good for asthma sufferers.

    • sunshine says:

      I would like to see the studies that support the research that you referred to.

      This is a science fair projects site and we need proof! 🙂

      Also, many of you who have been stating the positive effects of coffee show an email that indicates you have a business in that arena. So I think some of your information is biased, unless you state the journal and date of article where you found your information.

  7. lift top coffee table says:

    Coffee really can be a good stimulus for various day to day activities. As a college and high school student I immensely relied on coffee to get me through exam seasons. Still a favorite drink of mine.

  8. Lashaun Amsdell says:

    Good quality isn’t an accident; it is definitely the consequence of superior plan, sincere work, intelligent direction and skilled execution; it represents the wise range of many solutions.

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