Canon Envirothon NCF-Envirothon Competition

Canon Envirothon 2019 NCF-Envirothon Competition

The Canon Envirothon Competition is a national event. If you are interested in preserving our natural resources, then this is the place for you to explore. There are 20 key topics, 5 areas of concentrations: Forestry, Aquatic Ecology, Soils/Land Use, Wildlife, Current Environmental Issues.

Get all the rules and regulations on Canon’s Envirothon site….

You may be asking yourself, What is an Envirothon? Well, an Envirothon is a hands-on environmental problem-solving competition for high school-aged students in the United States and Canada. Participating teams complete training and testing in five natural resource categories stated above.

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  1. barbie@melissa and doug toys says:

    Its nice to know that kids enjoy participating in worthwhile contests like these. I hope more would be published here regarding science news, contests and more.

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