Science Fair Project Verbal Presentations

The final element of a winning science fair project is a good oral presentation. There are two oral presentations that you will need to plan ahead for. The first is the impromptu oral presentation that you make to individuals that approach your project and there is the formal oral presentation that you make in front of the judges.

The most important oral presentation that you will need to make is the formal oral presentation in front of the judges. This presentation will need to summarize the information in your written report. You will want to explain what your hypothesis was, why you selected it and how you designed your experiment. You will also want to summarize your data and findings. Finally wrap up your presentation by asking for questions. You will need to answer the judge’s questions quickly and completely, so try to anticipate what they may ask so you can prepare answers.

The second oral presentation that you will need to prepare for is the impromptu oral presentations that you make to your people that stop by your display. You need to have an abbreviated version of your formal oral presentation ready because judges may pop by your display for a preview, and your responses to them could impact their scoring of your project.

For information on science fair projects and oral presentation ideas I recommend the science blog offered by Science Base. This blog offers great information that you can use to develop a great science fair project.

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