What science fair projects can I do on cancer?

What science fair projects can I do on cancer?

Cancer science fair projects are good options for students that either know someone that is dealing with cancer or that is dealing with it on a personal level. Here the projects will focus on the prevention, treatment or recovery from the cancer. This type of project will require extensive background research and meticulously designed experiments.

Prevention Science Fair Projects

The first type of cancer science fair project that is available for students to complete will deal with the prevention of specific types of cancers. In order to develop this type of cancer project the student will need to conduct research on what is suspected of causing the cancer that they are researching. They can then try to design an experiment that will manipulate these factors in order to reduce cancer risk rate factors. For example, gene mutations can be the cause of cancer. In order to prevent these mutations nutrition can be used to support the healthy propagation of cells.

Treatment Science Fair Projects

Cancer treatment science fair projects are another viable option for students who want to produce a memorable project. These projects will focus on the testing of existing treatments options, or they will focus on alternative treatment options that patients have. For example, the student can test the ability of traditional medicines, i.e. herbs and homeopathic remedies, to control symptoms of cancer such as nausea, memory loss, hair loss and pain. Exercises can also be used as an alternative treatment for cancer science project experiments. In each case the student will need to recruit cancer patients to test their treatment hypotheses on.

Recovery Science Fair Projects

The recovery stage of cancer can be an important one to target when conducting research. Here the projects will focus on what helps or hinders a cancer patient’s recovery. For example, you can test the effects of nicotine on the ability of cells to recover from cancer treatments, or you can test the effects of a healthy diet on the recovery rate of cancer patients. In these projects students can either work with cancer patients that are in the process of recovery, or they can work with biological samples, such as skin cells or blood cells.

What You’ll Need

If you are planning on working on a cancer science fair project then there are several items that you will need. To begin with you will need a good microscope. You will also need access to medical journals. Finally you will need access to people that have cancer or that are recovering from cancer.

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