Science Fair Projects on Dating

Science Fair Projects on Dating

Science fair projects on dating is the perfect subject for 12th graders because this is the age when they are experiencing this life passage activity.

Dating is a phenomenon that many students first learn about in either middle school or high school. There are many reasons why people date, and most of them have to do with biological responses of attractions. If you are looking for a science fair project then consider science fair projects on dating.

The first issues that you can examine is the body language that is used during a date. You will want to look at how women and men differ in their body language. If possible try to decode this symbolic language to find patterns of attractions. Can you predict if two people are attracted to one another just by watching their body language?

Another issue that you can examine with your science fair project is how biological functions like body temperature and heart rates change when people are attracted to one another. You can utilize a digital thermometer to take body core and surface temperatures of your test partners. To verify if the test subjects are attracted to one another you can have them fill out a questionnaire at the end of each session.

The goal of a science fair project is to find relationships between two variables. In dating science fair projects your variables are going to relate to a specific aspect of dating and some type of biological or psychological response. has an interesting article on teenage dating.

19 thoughts on “Science Fair Projects on Dating

  1. Mark@Fast size says:

    If the relationship between dating and some specific physiological and biological response is revealed, then I think, it will be quite easier to find your mates.

  2. Daniel@Spanish Translations says:

    There are many studies about the reactions of human beings, when attracted to another person. But this language of gestures, varies greatly with age.

  3. Skin Care Products says:

    I also read somewhere that the very thing that attracts us to a person is the thing that we least like about them as the relationship developes. I guess that theres no answer for this!

  4. Matthew@Clothing Hangers says:

    I think it would be interesting to see if there was a scientific reason behind why certain people are attracted to each other.

  5. Robert@Adult Dating says:

    I would take this science fair project even deeper. Instead of measuring a biological response, it would be interesting to instead test how dating is affected by our preconceptions about race, and ethnicity. ABC almost hit the nail on the head with it “Dating in the Dark” reality show, but research on those issues could have more reaching implications on us as a society as a whole.

    • sunshine says:

      Sounds like an interesting idea. How about making up a questionnaire that is appropriate for high school students to use and submit it here. I will read, see if it is OK to put on the site, and then let’s see if some student picks it up and uses it as a science fair project?

  6. Amy says:

    Met my husband through online dating.. no matter what anyone says, it worked for me! thanks for your post, it’s always good to read other people’s takes on these things. Online dating could make a good project too.. as the data is all available onine!


  7. Weddings abroad says:

    I wonder what the outcome of this project was, did they look deeply into the laws of attraction and how pheromones play a part? It would have been an interesting study.

  8. John Arbuckle says:

    This is such a great method of observing people, but i think these are just signs that can easily be altered, like body temps, it really depends on the environment.Let’s say if inside an air-conditioned room or the setting is outside the park in a summer day. Another stumbling block with getting the Basal body temp is if it’s the “time of the month” for the girls. We would definitely get a high reading for this. The questionnaire is a one thing to be used. But questions should be specific. As per obert’s suggestion, that would be a good addition to the project, but remember, if the target audience are high school students, lets make the questionnaire very simple, they would not waste time answering questions that would require them to think a lot..they rather spend it with their friends. Good luck!

  9. Max@SLV Leuchten says:

    i heard about that study pertaining to the scent we leave off too. There are some amazing documentaion-movies that investigate that subconscious phenomenon of the smell.

    For me, I can say that when I met my wife the first time, she just had something that made her so interesting for me that I couldn´t resist her. That´s science and magic together =)

  10. Mike@Wireless Outdoor Speakers says:

    I think there is some sort of scientific phenomenon in how we choose our mate. I think there are behavioral experiments going on that can shed some light on attraction.

  11. Max@Unterbauleuchten says:

    oh i would if i could =)
    it was just everything… her hair, her smell and the way she smiled … i can´t really explain… it was just something that “got” me and told me “she´s the one”. i know that sounds maybe a bit schmaltzy – but that´s just the way it is =)

  12. easy learn spanish says:

    I have spent a lot of time studying the behavior of people and one thing I have found is that nature has a way of trying to get the best genes to reproduce. Whether its physical beauty, strength or proportions we unconsciously can sense the best genes.
    I think the greatest illusion is that we think we have a choice. Show me any topic where you can get millions to agree on anything but when it comes to attractiveness and dating you can get billions of people to participate.
    But I think studying it is fascinating. It’s amazing to see how primal humanity really is.

  13. eBookStore2Go says:

    Dating is an interesting topic for a science fair project. In addition to looking at the biological responses, students can also take a look at the visual cues that people create using artificial means, like clothing, hair styles and makeup, in order to attract a mate.

  14. sunshine says:

    But a science fair project is not about theory, it is about setting up an experiment with a control and experimental variable. What would be your two variables?

  15. jay date online says:

    The first problem that you can really examine here is that the body language that’s used throughout a regulare date. You may wish to look at how women and men differ in their body language. If you can do it … check out to decode this symbolic language to search out patterns of attractions. Can you expect if two folks are attracted to 1 another solely by watching their body language???

    i don think so…

  16. stacie@Metal Garden Shed says:

    It’s a good idea but I don’t know how many young people actually want to study dating. They just want to do it, don’t they? I think someone would take on this project though as it would definitely be interesting if you can get enough people to help with research.

  17. Liz@Dating Advice Books For Women says:

    Very cool experiment! I think it definitely has some legs, and I especially like the part about reading body language chemistry. I definitely think it’s possible if you know that to look for. Sometimes you can see it right across the room!

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