Parents and College: Getting the Most Out of Summer Vacation

Science Fair Success

Summer is my favorite time of year to prepare for science fair success. It is the perfect time of year to really expand your horizons as a student of life. However, it is also the perfect time of year to prepare for your fall science fair projects.

Colleges and Universities are not only looking at your academic standing or clubs you belong to. They are looking at what you contribute to your community or a cause. Develop an original program and implement it as a volunteer during the year. You can do this by yourself or with a friend.

  • I know one student who developed and implemented a special art program in her high school for children who had autism.
  • Another student and his friend studied the needs to their community and found that they needed to improve upon their environmental program. To their surprise they were featured in their town’s newspaper and each were given a small monetary college scholarship.

Either of the above projects could be turned into a science fair project. And on top of that you will feel good about contributing to others as well as empress college administrators! So what steps are you going to take this summer to insure science fair success?

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