Parents and College: Getting the Most Out of Summer Vacation

Summer is my favorite time of year. It is the perfect time of year to really expand your horizons as a student of life. However, it is also the perfect time of year to prepare for your fall science fair projects. One activity that you will have a ball doing that will help you come up with ideas for super science fair projects, as well as collect data for your science fair project is to hunt for fossils.

Science fair success really depends on the amount of effort you put into your project. Winning projects usually involve nearly 100 hours of work. To make this time fly by, you need to select a topic that is interesting to you.

If you are into dinosaurs then hunting for fossils over your summer break is a great way to develop a winning project. Luckily fossil hunting can be done just about anywhere. To find local areas where you can hunt for fossils for free or for a small fee contact your local parks and recreation department, or research for sites online.

To make your trip even more useful when you design your science fair project, learn about the fossils you will be searching for, as well as the prehistory of the area you will be hunting in. This way, you will know what to look for, you will know what to collect for your project and you will understand the significance of your finds. When you return home with your materials you will then be able to brainstorm ideas for turning your findings into a great science fair project.

Do you have suggestions or project ideas that deal with parents and college? Summer is the best time of year for parents to expose their kids to new science concepts and experiences. Post your suggestions below.

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