Parent’s Guide to Science Fairs

What is a parent’s role when it comes to science fairs?

My daughter and I are so thankful we found your site. My daughter is dyslexic and her teacher doesn’t think she can do a project like this outside the classroom. With your help we will be proving her wrong. This is her first time in public school also. Thank you for the support you give to parents and students!!
Blessings. Colleen, Austin, Texas13 years old

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What is the main topic of conversation at your dinner table?

Or, have you been noticing a growing collection of worms, ants, wires, magnets or batteries?

Is there unfamiliar talk about hypothesis, independent variables?

Well…what is all this activity about?

Science Fairs are annual events where students are encouraged to design and carry out scientific investigations. At some science fairs, students also compete for various levels of recognition.

Whether or not your children wins recognition or goes on to compete at a state or national competition is not the focus. What is important is that your children believe in their greatness by experiencing small successes along their journey.

Also, it is in the practice of science that they learn to approach life’s challenges in a systematic way. This is what this event is really all about.

Visiting this page says that you are a parent who wants to help your child. You have willingness, compassion and love. The purpose of this page is to offer you some additional tools and information to guide your child.

As a Parent, What is Your Role in working with your child?

Sargent Shriver, NBC anchorwoman Maria Shriver’s father, was asked what he believed to be the most important attribute of being a parent. His response:

"To be my children’s cheerleader. They will get beaten up by others, told that they are not good enough or cannot achieve their dreams. I’m here to tell them that all things are possible with focus, hard work and faith."

So, what is your role in helping your child with his / her project?


What Does A Coach Do?
A coach asks great questions.

What is a Great Question?
Any question that starts with the word, "what."
As you read through the web site, you will find many examples of "what" questions.

Why the Word "What"?
It encourages the brain to go into its unconscious, tap into its universal intelligence, and come up with a great answer.

What is a Great Answer?
Whatever your child comes up with. After all, this is his or herproject, journey, and learning experience.

Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day.
Teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime!

Ancient Chinese Proverb

Science Fairs take a long, long time to complete. With other school and family obligations the best student can get overwhelmed, hit a “roadblock” and cannot seem to stay on track or even finish their project. The fun and creativity comes to a hault.

Did you know that each person has a learning style? When your child works through his / her individual learning style, projects and homework seem much easier.I took this test myself before I put it on the site. The results were right on. Have your child learn how s/he learns best by taking an online learning style profile.

What are the Attributes of a Coach, Cheerleader and Parent?

Love in your heart, spirit of fun, patience, a smile from within, belief in your child’s greatness…BECAUSE YOUR CHILD IS GREAT!

Why? Because there isn’t another creature on the planet that is like your child. Your child is unique!

Tell your child…I believe in you. You are fun. You are great. I love you. I’m happy you’re in my life!

Science Fairs Made Easy

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The Student’s Guide to Science Fair Projects eBook makes this complex task easy because it guides you step-by-step through the process of doing a science fair project. Get the details here…

image of Student's Guide to Science Fair Projects eBook If your child loves to invent things, then the Student’s Guide to the Engineering Design Process is the book that they would use. The process is very different than the scientific method process.


If you came to this page in desperation because your child needed a science project yesterday, you don’t have to panic! Here are….Easy, instant downloadable 24-hour science experiments and weekend projects for your science fairs! The reviews have been great! 1st through 8th grade.
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Ask your children if they would like to enter the International Online Science Fair Olympiad


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