Science Holiday Activities for Kids

Science Holiday Activities for Kids

Winter break is the perfect time to explore science holiday activities for kids. Young Scientist who are interested in science love to explore independent projects rather then always working within the confines of classroom and teachers’ assignments. Independent exploration of science helps kids to find topics that they are interested in, as well as to develop skills that will help them to become better students in the future. While this sounds like an easy thing to do, students will still need a little guidance in getting started.

If you are currently on winter break and are bored then there are several holiday activities that you can do that will relate to science. The first option is to start making observations about your environment. You can make observations about how your family reacts to changing noise levels or to how they react to a crowd of people at a holiday party. You can also make observations about weather patterns, your pets or even about yourself. Making observations is the first step in developing a science project.

The second holiday activity that you can complete is to conduct basic experiments. Experiments can be conducted in your kitchen, in your garage or outside. To find ideas for fun and safe home experiments just browse through this blog, there are dozens of ideas for projects. Completing these experiments will help you to figure out how to set up an experiment and how to test a hypothesis.

Online research is another science holiday activities for kids to complete while on winter break. This activity has several purposes. The first purpose is to give you experience conducting online research. Secondly it will give you practice taking notes and creating bibliography entries. Finally, it will help you to find science topics that interest you. All of these things will help you to develop a super cool science fair project which most likely will take place during the second semester of your school year.

One last suggestion: You can explore various STEM science fair kits to help you decide what area of science interests you… what peaks your interest?

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