Infusing Your Lesson Plan With Science

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Creating a lesson plan is the foundation for developing a quality educational program. A great lesson plan needs to meet the three “Es” of teaching, educate, engage and entertain. Lesson plans that do not incorporate all three of these Es are less effective than those that do. Fortunately there are simple and cheap methods that you can use to ensure that your science lesson plans are educational, engaging and entertaining.

In-class science projects are a great way to educate, entertain and engage your students. I have found that hands-on demonstrations that explore science concepts help students to understand the concept better because it makes the abstract concept more concrete for the student.

For example, learning about electricity by reading about it can be difficult for students to understand because it deals with a lot of intangible abstract elements. However, during an electricity science experiment the students can see the cause and effect relationships between electrons, conductors and resistors by examining the effects of the application of electricity to various materials and set ups.

Infusing a lesson plan with science is easy to do. First I would recommend researching the science fair project topic that you will be covering online. Government sites provide a lot of great free teaching materials including science experiment ideas, multimedia presentations and activities.

Next, experiment on your own to develop a project or development that your students will be able to understand that they will enjoy. Finally, put together a learning packet to explain the main science concepts that will be covered by the science experiment. This will provide students with the information that they need to participate in the experiment or demonstration.

Enrich your lesson plans with projects that explore the scientific method for kids. These science experiments will improve the quality of your classroom demonstrations and help you reach your kids. Get more information now by visiting Super Science Fair Projects now!

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  1. stacie@builders merchants says:

    My cousin is a teacher and is trying to encourage me to go into it. I’m not sure that it’s right for me but I’m trying to do a bit of reading around it to see if I can relate to parts of it. I do really like the idea of the three Es. I think that if children are entertained, they’re more likely to remember what they’ve learned.

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