What is the Science of the Music of the Dunes?

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Did you know that some sand dunes sing? They make a make a humming or booming sound? This outstanding and fun video tells you the science that causes the “singing” of sand dunes.

So what causes the sound the sounds the the note of G?

The vibrations of dry sand particles move across the surface of some dunes it causes a deep humming sound.

Are all sand dunes musical?

Sand dunes with particular characteristics can be. To “boom” a sand dune must be at least 150 ft high, have loose dry sand with a uniform particle size on its surface that is hard along with a moist layer of sand underneath that acts as a resonating chamber. Of course, it must produce a note that is within the range of human hearing.

Do you think that animals can hear more singing sand dunes than humans?

Here is more information on “singing sand dunes”…

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